Having a dream that you have followed since a child be taken from you in the blink of an eye can be completely demoralizing. After a promising career in hockey was ended by a devastating injury, Dennis Kenney quickly realized he needed to put his energy into a different passion. Rather than sulking on his misfortune, he switched gears rapidly and began pursuing a career in acting. His ability to stay positive and hungry showed, as he attended prestigious Carnegie Mellon University studying drama and musical theater. From there, he had a successful career in film, but realized even then that he was meant for something different. 

That something different was fashion. While he had no real experience or credibility in the industry, he had a deep passion for it and a willingness to work at it without losing hope. After consistently posting his outfits to social media, he began to attract an audience and brands soon followed. He used this momentum to become the creative director for 260 Sample Sale, the largest sample sale retailer in the nation. While this position was an incredible opportunity, Dennis was still driven to find more for himself and his career. 

His next move was to start NONDK, his very own fashion brand. The brand has gone on to be featured at Bed Bath and Beyond and online with tremendous praise from consumers. Aside from his own brand, Kenney opened his own boutique, Style with Den, in downtown Manhattan, and has worked as a stylist for TLC and Good Morning America. 

Through all of his success and recognition, Dennis certainly knows how to handle rejection and come out a stronger person on the other side. During even his most difficult days, he has never lost faith in the special perspective and talent he brings to the fashion industry. When in doubt, Kenney always turns to his gut to figure his best course of action, and it has not failed him yet. He never gets deterred by fear, which can be all too real when trying to work for yourself in an industry as competitive as fashion. 

On the flip side, he has remained grounded through all of the successes he has encountered and always seeks to inspire the next generation of stylists and visionaries. By sticking to his gut and weathering the storm of difficult times, Dennis has been able to gain full control of his future and establish himself as a name in the fashion industry. It by no means has been an easy journey, but he would not trade it for any other journey and has made the most out of every situation. Even though he has worked his way into a tremendous position in his career, he will simply never stop searching for a new way to take himself to new heights, it is just a matter of when.