Regardless of what anyone tells him, Anthony Duluc’s confidence in himself never wavers. No matter how many times he falls short or goes through struggle, he will never let losing reflect his personal value. He wishes that he knew this earlier in his career, but has always believed in himself and had a relentless mentality nonetheless. 

He was practically born with the confidence he possesses, and it was first evident when he would take the stage for performances in high school. He’s always had a passion for acting, and when many of his fellow cast members would be nervous before taking the stage Anthony would be completely calm. This was a preview of what was to come in his career, as he’s always loved putting on the best possible performance for his audience.

All these years later, nothing has changed. He is a TV and commercial actor and fitness influencer, and has built a personal brand on social media that has tremendous engagement. He connects with his audience on a deep personal level, and has never been afraid to show the more personal sides of his journey. 

He has always been candid in both his failures and successes, and it’s allowed him to be relatable to his audience. All too often, influencers only showcase the better aspects of their lives and shy away from being vulnerable and authentic on social media. Anthony avoids this, and always lets his followers know exactly what he’s going through so they can relate to him and see that even the most successful people go through the exact same struggles as them. 

Although Anthony is vulnerable with his failures, he is tremendous at bouncing back from them. After auditioning for the Fallon show and not getting the part, he moved on from it quickly and began finding new ventures to pursue immediately after. He’s never wavered in his career regardless of what he’s been through, and it is a huge reason why he is in the position he’s in today. 

With all that he’s been through and experienced, Anthony still wishes he knew two things when he first started in his career: Don’t take losing as a reflection of personal value, and make as many connections possible as you grow your brand. Being confident has been a world of difference for Anthony, and the connections he’s made along the way have helped his brand grow into one filled with meaningful, engaged followers that have supported him every step of the way.