From the transformative power of seeing the world through a different perspective to bringing movements and causes to life before a person’s eyes, art is uniquely positioned to change the world. Whether you live in a remote part of the world or a bustling city, there’s always art, the potential to create, and a way to experience art even if you made it yourself. 

Art is more than just creating something to look at. It has real power to make positive change and impact people’s lives in meaningful ways. Below are just a sampling of ways art can change the world and the lives of those experiencing it. 

Art is Available to Everyone

Art can be created from nothing, any time, anywhere. One of the best aspects of viewing and creating art is that everyone can do it. You might not be a master artist, but it’s about expressing yourself or viewing pieces of art that mean something to you. In the connected world we live in, viewing masterpieces is a click away. Art is a great equalizer in that anyone can create it and anyone can view it. 

Art Empowers Its Creators and Viewers

From local issues to global movements, art is uniquely positioned to bring awareness and a sense of community to its viewers. Very few positive things can unite a planet to action and make millions of people feel seen and empowered or moved to action like art can inspire people to do. A great piece of art can connect you with emotions, your senses, and make the world or an issue felt. When you take something to heart, you’re more motivated to take action as a result. 

Art Creates Connections

If you’ve ever looked at a piece of art and felt any emotion at all, you’ve created a connection with the work. As a result, you’ve also created a connection with those around you experiencing the same things and with the creator of the object you’re viewing. Whether it’s music, a painting, or a play, art helps people create an understanding not only mentally but emotionally and physically as well. Knowing there’s people around the world experiencing the same feelings and reactions forges a connection instantly. 

Art Immerses Viewers in the Experience

Art usually has a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is as simple as making people smile. Other times, it’s about shedding light on an important cause and rallying people to act. Movements such as Black Lives Matter and multiple climate change organizations use art to gain awareness and to get more people involved and informed about how these causes impact everyone. Many people forget they live in a world where everything is connected even if they’re 3,000 miles apart. Art creates an avenue where people can immerse themselves in an experience and learn how they play a larger role in their own lives.