It can seem like technology is overpassing us every day, and keeping up to date with all the advantages and innovations available in the market may seem challenging since we are all usually very busy with our daily life stuff. Still, artificial intelligence (AI) can improve the way we live by lessening the number of tasks we have to perform at home and make everything much more comfortable and automatic.

How Does AI Work and Why it Can Make Our Lives Easier

Artificial intelligence involves creating smart machines, engineering them to mimic human intellect to become an assistant with trivial activities that you don’t want to perform. Instead of the chemical reactions and brain synapses that naturally occur in a human brain, AI machines work based on algorithms, digital information, sensors and some human input that determines their ability to make decisions and solve problems. These smart machines are designed to perform certain activities based on knowledge provided from various sources; therefore, instead of unanimated devices like regular blenders and toasters, AI appliances use the input provided to make decisions and solve real-time problems.

Contrary to popular belief based on SciFi movies, AI machines are not meant nor engineered to replace humans, but to make humans’ lives easier and improve the way we live. For sure, we need to take some time to learn how AI works and how to make the best out of it. Still, as soon as we get the hang of it, we will be able to rely on their operative systems to automate everything around us, from setting up our wakeup alarm with a voice command to Alexa and synchronizing it to start brewing coffee at the same time, to be able to turn on your home’s lights remotely from your cell phone as soon as it gets dark (for home security reasons) so you don’t have to worry about those chores in the rushed mornings, or while you’re stuck in traffic, soon we’ll all be able to enjoy these advantages and use the time saved to focus on other more important things around us.

Virtual Personal Assistants That Work With AI

Some of the most popular Virtual Personal Assistants that work with AI, and are nowadays available in the market are Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Jibo. All of them work with an integrated user interface with natural language to be able to understand the user’s requests, in a way that the user can make a request or question. The assistant is capable of following directions, providing answers and information such as:

  • Set up my alarm at 7:00 AM tomorrow
  • Please remind me of buying my mother’s birthday gift next Saturda
  • What is the weather forecast for NYC tomorrow?
  • Could you find me a brownies recipe?

Also, you can pair your virtual assistant with a significant number of smart appliances and gadgets at home; you could say “Alexa, please play a pop songs playlist”, or “Alexa, turn on the AC to 68 degrees” With every new generation and update, these AI assistants are getting better and sharper, and sometimes they can even seem surprisingly intelligent.

AI in Your Kitchen

A very significant number of daily kitchen tasks can be considered trivial, even if you enjoy cooking and baking. As AI starts entering your kitchen, you can rely on different new gadgets to help you perform those tasks, from standing over a pot and stirring endlessly to making sure not to overcook that tuna steak in the oven. If that is something that catches your attention, keep reading because we have put together a list of useful AI kitchen gadgets and smart appliances that you can start considering to make your every day lighter. Just consider that every brand and model come with different features and functionalities, so make sure to check these before you buy.

Smart Fridge

Besides keeping your food cold, smart fridges can do so much more, since most of them nowadays come with Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can connect your fridge with other intelligent devices or with your cell phone so you can:

  • Be notified in case the door has been left open
  • With the interior cameras, you can see what’s inside with your phone while you’re at the supermarket, and check if you are running out of eggs or milk
  • Look for recipes and have the fridge read the steps for you
  • Make groceries lists and order online
  • Turn on the ice maker with your phone
  • Cast from a smart tv to watch in the kitchen
  • Browse the internet and check the weather forecast, stream music online, and more.

Smart Kitchen Hub

You can connect other smart gadgets and devices to the hub to be able to :

  • Look for recipes online and get instructions while cooking with the App
  • Video chat with friends and family with its integrated dual camera while you cook
  • Watch YouTube videos or Netflix
  • Connect to AI Personal Assistants and other smart devices of your home
  • Use voice commands to preheat your oven, respond texts or change your dryer machine cycle.

Smart Stovetop

You can have some convenient features with a smart stovetop like:

  • Connect to AI personal assistants and other AI devices like the kitchen hub
  • Use voice commands to control cooking temperatures
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Synchronize ventilation and lighting 
  • Have safety features to rely on

Smart Wi-Fi Instant Pot

With this innovative Pot, you can even remotely cook meals since you can control it with a mobile device to:

  • Receive notifications about your meal
  • Check the progress of cooking
  • Program turn on and turn off times
  • Schedule and program cooking times
  • Pair with AI assistants and other smart devices and gadgets

Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer

If Air Fryers are trending right now, this smart Wi-Fi Airfryer is the only innovation that can beat it, since it allows you to: 

  • Connect your AI virtual assistant
  • Monitor meal preparation
  • Access to online recipes

Precision Cooker with App

For a perfectly cooked meal, get a precision cooker with an app. This smart appliance allows you to:

  • Cook meals at the exact temperature needed
  • Set up the perfect temperature desired
  • Set up cooking times
  • Be able to control this appliance with an App on your phone

Smart Oven with Wi-Fi

With these new Wi-Fi connected ovens, you can remotely control your oven with a smart device and you can:

  • Start the preheating process of the oven remotely
  • Set up the cooking temperature with your phone
  • Change settings like the clock or the cleaning feature
  • Connect to your AI personal Assistant and smart devices that allow it
  • Get cooking notifications on your phone 
  • Look for recipes and share them with your friends

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

For all those recipes that call to constantly stir a meal to keep food in a continuous motion, avoid all that time standing over a pot with a tired arm and use an automatic pan stirrer:

  • Set up a timer for stirring
  • Adjust remotely
  • Choose from different speed settings

Smart Microwave Oven

With a Smart Microwave Oven that uses AI technology, you can take your fast cooking to the next level, you can:

  • Have the possibility to connect the oven to other smart devices, like your kitchen hub, and AI assistant
  • Be able to browse the internet with the touch screen feature
  • Check out the interior of the oven with the interior cameras
  • Adjust settings and remotely control the appliance

Smart Coffee Machine

With a smart coffee maker, you can start brewing coffee in the morning by telling your AI assistant to program it to start at a specific time, or just with touching a button on your device, this appliance is designed to:

  • Be able to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Have the capability to activate with a voice command
  • Adjust and program settings remotely

Voice-activated Trash Scanner 

You can use this trash scanner for:

  • Scan barcodes of items that are ready to be disposed of, and make a list for grocery shopping 
  • Determining which ítems can be recycled
  • Ordering your groceries online with an app

Smart Dishwasher

The AI-powered dishwashers let you have more control over your dishwashing since you can:

  • Adjust settings remotely
  • Connect dishwasher to AI assistant and smart devices 
  • Monitor dishwashing process on your phone
  • Receive phone notifications if any issues arise

Touchless Soap Dispenser 

With this gadget you can reduce the spread of viruses, germs and bacteria, with its touchless feature you can:

  • Have your soap dispensed handsfree with its Infrared motion sensor
  • Program switches 

AI for Home Cleaning and Lawn Mowing

Using AI-powered devices to help you keep your home clean can save you a ton of valuable time, and they are also very efficient at the tasks they are meant to perform. These are a few devices you may want to consider to make sure that your home will be kept clean, tidy and with the proper maintenance without taking your precious time, so you can dedicate it to more enjoyable activities.

Brooming Robot 

These AI-infused robots are equipped with sensors, so they find and sweep dirt up, some of the available options in the market nowadays include sweeping and mopping features, those with brooming settings include:

  • Looking for dirt areas of the floor and aim for those 
  • Sweep and remove dirt, debris, crumbs and dust
  • The ability to connect to your AI assistant and other apps

Mopping Robot

A mopping robot can help you ensure that your floors will be continuously sanitized, especially in these covid times when we need to make sure our floors are cleaned as often as possible, some of these robots can:

  • Have a sweeping action for loose dirt
  • Sense carpeting and floors
  • Jet-spray with precision
  • Integrate other apps, AI devices and assistants 

Vacuuming Robot

A vacuuming robot can make your life much easier. Thanks to AI and its autonomous capacities, you can keep your home free of dust, pet hair and other loose particles. These types of robots include features like: 

  • Scheduling vacuuming times daily
  • Remotely controlled with a smartphone
  • Voice activate controls
  • Monitoring functionalities

Lawn Mowing Robot

Mowing the lawn has never been easier and faster, with an intelligent lawn mowing robot capable of sensing obstacles like garden chairs or tables, flowers, or trees. You can forget about this kind of chores nobody likes to perform since these devices do not require human control, and they include features like:

  • Sensors and alarms to avoid theft
  • The capacity to be able to monitor the functions
  • Sensors to detect rain
  • The ability to connect to Wi-Fi and integrate an App
  • Silent operation

AI in the Bedroom

You can transform your bedroom into an automated palace with the help of AI devices and gadgets that provide unique features and functions that will allow you to upgrade your comfort at home.

Smart Bed and Sleep Trackers

With a smart bed that includes a sleep tracker built-in, you can enhance your sleep quality and overall comfort since some models include:

  • The capability to adjust the bed’s temperature and firmness
  • Sensors to monitor body temperature
  • Settings for memory lock
  • Tips to help you have a better sleep
  • Sleep reports
  • Smart Pillows

If you want to go deeper into your sleep tracking, a smart pillow is your best choice, since you will be able to:

  • Track your sleep cycle
  • Record and rate the quality of your sleep
  • Reduce your snoring noises
  • Set up your sleeping playlists
  • Connect with your AI assistant

Smart Lamps and Lights

With AI technology at home, you can control the lighting of your overall home, interior and exterior lights, for comfort and security reasons, you can have these kinds of features:

  • An Internet connection and App integration
  • Remotely control your lighting from your phone
  • Programming turn-on and turn-off times
  • Voice commands
  • Lights that change colors
  • AI assistant pairing

Smart A/C

What would be better than arriving home from a hot day of summer to a perfectly cooled down living room, you can enjoy these advantages with an AI-powered A/C that contains features as:

  • Programming turn-on and turn-off times
  • Internet connection
  • AI assistants pairing
  • Remotely control with a smartphone
  • An energy-efficient operating system that promotes energy saving

Smart Blinds

You can be capable of controlling the operation of your blinds from your home or remotely from another part of the city, smart blinds nowadays come with features like:

  • An internet connection and an App
  • AI assistant pairing
  • Control from your smartphone
  • Voice commands 

Smart Speakers and Displays

Enjoy of voice controlling of your speakers and functions such as:

  • Pairing with virtual AI assistants
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Ordering takeaways and products online
  • Streaming your favorite music and playlists
  • Programming your alarms
  • Providing information about the weather

Smart TV

In almost every home nowadays there is a smart tv, it is a common thing to have because of the many practical features that it provides, such as:

  • The ability to install the desired Apps
  • Video and music streaming
  • Browse the internet
  • View photos on the big screen
  • Connectivity with virtual AI assistants

As you can see, AI technology can be of great help to make our lives more comfortable. The majority of these devices are designed to be energy-efficient with the intention to move toward a more sustainable world and support the environment by reducing the carbon footprint that we generate in our daily lives. Even when only a few people are willing to invest their money in these innovative gadgets, many are already relying on AI-powered robots and assistants’ capabilities to avoid performing the chores they hate the most.