Starting out in the music industry may sound like a very difficult task for many artists. However, for Sharard Baker making music and entertaining crowds is something he was just born with. For Sharard, making music and creating is just a way of life. When he’s not making music Sharard is working on his acting career as well.

Sharard Baker has been rapping and making music his entire life. As a kid, he remembers rapping as early as 2 years old. He remembers rapping poems over instrumentals while recording himself on a boombox his father gave him. It wasn’t long until he’d start putting more effort into his music and studio time.

According to Sharard, starting a music career is just as difficult as launching your own business. Very quickly he learned all of the things that are involved when building a music career. He learned the tricks of the trade of how to successfully build a brand and following on social media. Sharard describes his style as “storytelling with the ability to captivate audiences.”

Today, Sharard continues to work on music and record. Making it in the music industry is not something that everyone could do; but that has never phased Sharard. He believes that by learning all the skill sets it requires to make it in this business; you can maximize your chances of successfully creating a brand and fanbase for your music. Sharard Baker is definitely an artist to watch out for.