It might be hard for people during this time to turn to positivity as an outlet. However, for artist Dwayne Kirkland radiating positive energy through music and vibes has always just been a way of life.

Dwayne Kirkland, also known as D Kirk (KV) is an artist from Philadelphia who has developed his love for music directly from his father. Through trials and tribulations, he would find his love for making music through inspiration and dedication.

With a sound that could be best described as west coast swagger, D Kirk is an artist who believes that music is meant to make you feel good. By being surrounded by friends and family of Caribbean and Jamaican decent, his music is inspired by the sounds of island style dancehall beats.

Although feel-good music can be used as a way of escaping reality, Dwayne understands the importance of mental health awareness. After publicly advocating for mental health awareness, Dwayne has admitted to dealing with depression since high school.

Although several of his songs radiate positive energy, it is important to acknowledge the ramifications of mental health and for Dwayne’s fans talking about mental health, could make all the difference.

Radiating positive energy is a skillset that artist D Kirk has developed and carefully crafted for years. D Kirk understands the power of his platform and voice; he uses it to speak on important issues and also changes how we feel every single day.