When Elijah Moyer was growing up, one of his favorite places to go was his grandmother’s house because that is where he was first introduced to piano. For years, Elijah would practice piano with his grandmother and learn how to write music. After his grandmother’s passing, Elijah took the skills he learned when it came to writing songs and decided to pursue a career in music.

While growing up in Pennsylvania, Elijah Moyer became an incredibly versatile rapper and producer. Nowadays, he taught himself how to master and produce his own music.

Slowly, Elijah started to make a name for himself online after creating his beats in a studio he built in his parent’s basement. Several of his fans are also fans of his producing and beats.

When it comes to writing songs, Elijah always starts with the right beat in mind. From there, it becomes a process that is a lot harder to explain and in Elijah’s words can only best be described as letting the magic handle the rest.

For Elijah, what keeps him from quitting is understanding the notion that even if 99% of the world doesn’t like his music, that 1% is still alot to be proud of.

Today, Elijah is working on new music and has just released his latest single “Syrum” on all platforms.