After meeting creators, entrepreneurs, and artists from all over the world, its unequivocally clear that Jacqueline Williams, famously known as Fancy J. London, is one of the most hardworking and compassionate creatives I’ve ever had a chance talk with.

Jacqueline grew up in the suburbs of greater Boston, Massachusetts where she would spend her summers on Cape Cod with her grandparents. She began singing in the 4th grade and throughout her childhood began performing in school plays, church choirs, talent shows, and private functions. Very early on, Jacqueline would start to discover her passion for the creative arts.

Jacqueline picked up the nickname “Fancy” since Junior High because she rarely wore jeans or sweats and always looked classy.

By 2014, Jacqueline started officially releasing her music on SoundCloud. With the release of her debut single “So, I Could Be,” Jacqueline began to accumulate a larger following on social media. Shortly after, she would go on to launch record label Fancy Lady Industries and Featured Stars Inc. Both of these ventures are known for supporting underground and indie artists from all over the world.

When Jacqueline’s not making music or running her underground indie record labels, she is spending most of her time traveling between Mexico and the United States to continue her work helping the less fortunate by providing vocational skills to those who can not afford University or have had to leave school to help their family with financial strife. As a way to incorporate her musical talent into her passion projects, Jacqueline began performing in live shows as a way to fund her schools and to continue funding other causes that remain close to her heart.

As a survivor of domestic violence and cancer, Jacqueline has proven to be a phenomenal role model for her fans from all over the world. She is a testament that artists can do more with their talent than just make music; but rather artists can lead and create change not only in their own communities but in communities all over the world.