NFL Nique is a National Recording American hip-hop artist who knows how to sing and rap. The NFL stands for his brand and lifestyle: NoFakeLove. 

“I simply created this name from real-life events and situations that showed me the difference between real and fake,” he said. 

He began rapping three years ago but seriously started taking his craft to the next level for only about a year and a half. 

Words To Live By 

To those who want to follow in NFL Nique’s career footsteps but are not sure how to, he offers five Ps to remember: proper planning prevents poor performance. 

“Any situation can be handled, if you are alive I believe god [is] letting you live a little longer to figure it out. What would be life without obstacles? The other is to start with being you,” he said. 

One other piece of advice that NFL Nique offers to aspiring artists is to start their careers with their authentic selves. 

“The more comfortable you are within your own skin, the more comfortable you are with hearing your voice makes you confident,” he said. 

So when if you’re looking to walk down a path that leads to the music industry, NFL Nique suggests first build your confidence to be able to speak and perform in front of audiences. 

Last, but not least, the independent hip-hop artist says “don’t stop, keep going no matter what.”

Relieving Stress Through Music 

When faced with stress and burnout, NFL Nique tends to go to the studio to relieve stress because he finds making music therapeutic. It’s no surprise that going to the studio is how he started his career in music. 

“I started by going to the studio with my team. One of my friends was an artist and I was just supporting him. A situation happened where he had to leave the studio which left me sitting in the studio looking at the computer. I just jumped in and I never looked back,” he said. 

Once he heard his voice on a track, NFL Nique instantly became a favorite artist. 

NFL Nique has opened for various artists such as Lil Baby, Gucci, Key Glock, Roddy Rich, DaBaby, Stunna4vegas, Ying Yang Twins, Juvenile, MoneyBagg Yoo, and many more. 

“I also have a feature with one of the biggest artists in the world that will be dropping soon. And I’m currently getting ready to shoot my New Single ‘4Certain,’” he said. 

Learn more about NFL Nique through his Instagram account (@nflnique)