As I started to have coaching into emotional mastery last year I never imagined I would become a best selling co-author.  Having emotional mastery coaching really helped me to make new patterns and connections in my mind and become a lot more aware of the stuff that wasn’t serving me.

I wish I had taken some pictures around that time but I was so wound up in my own stuff that I couldn’t even bear to look at myself let alone take pictures.  The reason behind this was because I didn’t like what I would see in the lens – the big Cheshire Cat grin was gone and that for me was really painful.  A part of me was gone, my signature smile wasn’t just about appearances, it was a reflection of what I was feeling deep down inside.  There was some numbing on my part as I had continued to suppress my emotions for years.  I knew it but at first I didn’t know what to do about it.  I didn’t even realise coaching existed – let alone emotionally mastery.

It would come out in other ways like self-sabotage and limiting beliefs again terms I was not familiar with at the time.  Then after seeing a dramatic change in my friend I decided to get coaching.  I met someone who I related to and seemed to understand me without even knowing me – of course she understood me she had been where I was now!

The coaching was painful – I had to recognise things in myself I was too stubborn to admit to before.  I had to see things things differently from the regular pattern and there is not a particular moment I remember that I felt enormous change but then one day out of the blue I just felt like taking action!

There is a saying that goes opportunity is everywhere when you are looking for it.  I enrolled on a PR course which helped me to be seen which aligned perfectly with the book launch.  It took me 4 weeks to even start writing my chapter because I was so terrified of being seen.  I was terrified people wouldn’t care or even worse I would get shot down for my experience.

Instead I got a lot of love and praise and alongside supporting anther 10 courageous women’s stories we were finally published by an amazing publishing house.  I was thrilled and feeling sick at the same time.  This was it – I had done it, I had finally got my story out there in a way that I wanted and it was received so well.  I had messages pour in from strangers.

And that was the start of me kicking imposter syndrome….here are a few tips to help you if you think you may be a wallflower,

1.Get help from the people in the know

I registered for my coaching and another course that would help me achieve greatness, it was scary because it was outside of my comfort zone but because of the financial commitment I was ready to see it through

2. Surround yourself with amazing people

The people who help you see your value and make you realise there is enough for everyone to eat are the ones you need to be around.  Their vibe is contagious and you will also vibe high. I cannot tell you how many people I connected with that had done what I want to in different. areas of their life. To see their updates daily and connect and engage with people will change your life.

3. Just go for it, take massive action

Learn to start saying yes more.  You will be surprised by the opportunities that knock at your door as a result.  When I started to say Yes ore and get out of my comfort zone amazing things started to happen! Combined with the first two points I really began to find that opportunity really was everywhere.

People like this made me realise even more so why my story was important, why. it was needed and ever since I have been action taking. You’re people need you, there are people who need your story so they can relate to it and. realise there is success. Don’t only do it for yourself but do it for them too.