Understanding her clients needs is something that makes Sarah Scheiber unique as a holistic coach, personal trainer, and motivational speaker. This empathetic stance does not only come with the territory of being a coach and trainer. Sarah herself has encountered struggles in her life which put her in a  detrimental position.

But after being mindful of herself, Sarah managed to get past that bleak point in her life and rise up to be someone better. 

Now, she uses what she learned in that experience to better compose herself during stressful and trying times. Here’s how she does it. 

Treating Herself Properly 

In order to be prepared to face the day, Sarah makes sure that she starts her mornings right. 

“I start my day with a morning routine where I am consciously breathing, stretching my body and having a cup of green tea in a relaxing, and peaceful setting,” she said. 

Throughout the day, she also tries to breathe more consciously, eat healthy and appreciate the small things in life and every situation that makes me smile. 

“I am mindful of my emotions and practice breathing, if negative thoughts or feelings are popping up. I also avoid toxic relationships and distance myself from drama. I am constantly working on my mindset, doing sports and eating healthy delicious food to boost my mood and energy,” Sarah said. 

Rising Above Adversity 

Like she mentioned, Sarah’s current state of positivity wasn’t always a familiar scenario for her. She, like many others, struggled to cope with the demands of life and the mental and physical repercussions that come with it. 

But a few years ago, Sarah went through a powerful transformational journey which changed her life completely. 

“I always struggled with weight problems, stress, depression and other chronic health problems. After I took more care of my body, mind and soul, I became much stronger, healthy and balanced,” Sarah shared. 

She has now made it her goal to empower other people to get healthy, well-balanced, and relieve stress, depression and anxiety, hoping that her  readers feel motivated, inspired, and empowered to reach their health goals with her coaching program. 

“I believe in the power of positivity and that nothing is impossible if you keep going and believing in yourself. Let’s be strong and powerful,” the holistic coach said. 
Learn more about Sarah Scheiber by checking out her Linked In, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook accounts. Or you can visit https://www.erumpere.com for more information on what she does.