Change is an integral part of life. Through various developments, people and society become better versions of themselves that ultimately benefit them and those around them. But change is not always easy, especially if we’re used to doing things in a specific manner. 

Brian Murdock, the founder of All World Communications, recognizes that change is important in a person’s growth, especially if they want to do something relevant in their lives as well as in others. 

Promoting Self-Awareness 

One way that people can grow in different aspects of their lives is by becoming self-aware. 

“The worst person to lie to is yourself. Be honest yet kind, and continue to grow,” Brian said. 

Self-awareness is the ability of a person to focus on their individuality, actions, thoughts, and emotions to how it aligns with their internal standards. Highly self-aware people can evaluate themselves objectively, manage their emotions, align their actions to their principles, and perceive how others view them. 

If a person spends time thinking about the areas where they can improve, then there’s a lot of room for them to grow and act accordingly to their motivations. 

Brian also advises taking the time out to meditate so that people can take a breath from their daily tasks and appreciate all the good things in their life. Keeping themselves grounded in such a manner also helps in becoming self-aware.

Plus, taking a step back from it all can also be a good way to deal with burnout. Brian himself also practices meditation to help him deal with things when it gets overwhelming. 

Finding Solutions to Simple Problems

As the founder of All World Communications, Brian is committed to finding solutions to simple problems that persist in communities. This includes access to suitable internet for underserved communities and creating paths to sustainable careers and homeownership thereby narrowing the wealth gap. 

Brian’s goal is to inspire and empower businesses as well as communities through technology adoption, job creation, and servant leadership.

“We believe that with the right information and the right people an SMB can compete with a large enterprise in service because of the ability to be nimble and deliver service on time,” Brian said. 

His passion for creating and sustaining an impact in black, brown, and other marginalized communities has led All World to initiate discussions with multiple states as well as Puerto Rico, Mexico, and parts of Africa to provide both internet solutions and training initiatives.

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