The link between being smart with money and success in life is difficult to ignore. However, this is something that many feel is unattainable.

The truth is that we are not always the best when it comes to dealing with money. As a result, it puts pressure on other areas of our life and the stress caused by that is never easy to deal with.

This then leads to the question of what do you need to do in order to achieve success thanks to being smarter with money? Well, I’m going to show you a number of important points that will make a huge difference.

Focus On Bigger Bills Rather Than Saving Small Amounts

People often believe that it’s best to try to save small amounts of money as it will add up over time. While that is true, this entire approach is disheartening for those involved.

You will make more progress by looking at your larger bills and determining if there are ways where you can reduce your costs. As an example, look at websites or apps that allow you to reduce the interest you pay on your mortgage. That alone is a great place to start, and it will then surprise you where other savings are possible.

Have Patience For Those Larger Purchases

It’s normal to have that urge to buy something you want even if it’s pushing the boat out with what you can afford. The problem is that these impulses will often get us into trouble. You see, we are guilty of acting without looking at the bigger picture.

This kind of thing often happens when an individual wants to upgrade some equipment or even get a newer vehicle. It’s very easy to convince yourself that you can haggle for a better price and that this higher expense won’t matter. Of course, what’s happening here is you have this obsession and who wouldn’t want something new?

In this situation, I have an easy solution. Wait it out. On most occasions, you will find that the desire for something new will wane over a short period of time. As a result, you save yourself cash and a lot of financial hardship in the future.

Live Below What You Can Afford

An area where people often slip up is when they look at their earnings and basically live right up to that limit. This gives you no opportunity to save for a rainy day or to then get those special purchases at some point.

What I suggest is to look at the type of life you can afford, and then live below that level. Now you might wonder why you would put extra hardship on yourself, but it makes so much sense.

By using this approach, you get ahead of the game. You get to build up your savings, and that is a cool thing to do. If you are constantly living on the breadline of what you can afford, then you add stress to your life that you don’t need.

Food Is Dangerous

Do you want to know one area where we tend to waste the most money? Our food.

With this, we buy with our eyes and stomach instead of planning ahead. How often do you look at the cart at the end of your shop and it’s filled with things that you had no intention of buying?

The easiest way to get around this is to first of all set a budget for the week and even put that money to one side. The other option is to shop around, and there are grocery shopping apps that help you find the best prices for a whole host of products. This is the kind of practice that has made money for those who trade Amazon shares. Make a list, and stick to it when shopping for groceries. This takes some determination, but it’s doable.

Lose Memberships You Don’t Use

A huge number of us have some kind of membership for a gym. Doing so seems to make us feel good.

The problem is that 2 out of every 3 gym memberships are hardly ever used, and that is a lot of wasted money each month. There are now so many options via the Internet that you can stream into your home. All you need to get the basic equipment and anyone can have their home gym.

This alone can save you a huge amount of money per year, and the fact you still get fit is an added bonus.

So, how can all of this lead to success in your life? Well, you don’t get bogged down into the intricacies of life or waste time doing things that are useless or not important. Also, you feel as if you are in more control of your life than ever before. That alone will spur you onto greater things.

Sensible approaches to saving money leads to sensible approaches to decisions in life. The link is there for all to see. All you need to do is to have a willingness to implement it into your own life.


  • A digital nomad and an internet entrepreneur with a thirst for food and travel.