Hanukkah Treats There are so many yummy, sweet treats for Hanukkah. Not to mention the variation to the classic recipe. Sufganiyah also called sufganiyot are cranberry or jelly filled doughnuts. Rugelach, a classic pastry that’s flaky with a chewy touch. Kugel, a sweet noodle. Brisket enjoyed by many! Rice pudding, fritters, parve chocolate mousse. Potato pancakes also known as Latkes with onion and potato for the man ingredients. Chocolate studded Babka, Hanukkah shaped sugar cookies. Chocolate filled Hamantaschen, a crunchy cookie. Baked olive oil doughnuts, Shabbat cake, lemon sorbet with olive oil. Walnut Mandel Bread traditionally made with almonds. Roasted chicken,spinach appetizers, pecan and fruit salad. Surprise dreidel cake with the dreidel shape baked right into the center.

Olive oil lemon curd used to fill hamantaschen or crepes even in Sufganiyot filling. According to F6S, Matzo crisps, a real classic is Challah – yeast bread and can be made with rainbow colors, chocolate, a number of variations. Mandelbrot a firm cake type cookie or hard bread. Among many other treats are applesauce, spiced slow cooked applesauce, sauteed kale, beet tarts with dill and caraway, butternut squash, roasted carrots, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted green beans, herb and lemon cauliflower, potatoes with tarragon butter, fresh citrus and cranberry salad, fried artichokes, grape leaves, chickpeas sweet potatoes, shawarma cauliflower. Chocolates including gold wrapped chocolate candies. Cinnamon apple cake, Matzo ball soup, Gelt, caramel apple upside down cake, Torah cannoli, applesauce drop doughnuts, Star of David cupcakes, Hanukkah honey balls- fried dough tossed with honey and cardamom. peanut butter fudge dreidels, potato and chard knishes.

Colorful Tzimmes- carrots, shallots, sweet potatoes, prunes and orange juice in one dish. Hannukah is a time to celebrate using prepared foods being fried with oil to remind with tradition , of the oil used in the Menorah ( an ancient lamp) burning for 8 nights when believed to burn for 1 day. The treats are amazing. The tradition of a treat each night of the 8 still burns brightly today and for many years to come. The feasts are miraculous and one can’t help but want to partake in the festivities, the aroma, the flavor, like a child in a candy store. With so many simple treats and so many ways to make them like slow cooking brisket, baking breads, frying doughnuts. Baked flounder with lemon, classic Israeli couscous, roasted beets. Spinach and feta mushroom pie with olive oil crust, red onions and goat cheese. Mendiants- melted chocolate topped with dried fruit and sea salt, beet risotto, grilled salmon. Chocolate alone comes in many shapes and sizes and can be added to the fillings or alone with these Hanukkah treats. One would find lots of desserts and sides but you wouldn’t see pork or shellfish during this time as dairy and meat shouldn’t be together during a traditional Hanukkah. The celebration with it’s number of meals, desserts, and sides is one of a kind. So expect to come hungry and indulge on these delicious dishes.