Do you follow fun content on social media? Do you like pranks? Beshoy Mehany is an actor who works as a prankster on social media. He earns a living through pulling pranks on people and making others laugh.

Beshoy Mehany was born in Egypt and raised in Jersey City, NJ. When he was nine, his father passed away, and since then he has been helping his family out in any way he can. 

A graduate from the Mechanical Engineering program at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Beshoy got his first big break when he acted as a party boy in the series Bear Swamp Recovery on TruTV. From then on, he started making prank videos that became viral on Instagram, and started dreaming of becoming an influencer. 

Other than acting, Beshoy is also passionate about staying active and healthy, and enjoys sports like soccer or lifting. But his main focus is on acting, as he always loved it and took classes in an acting studio when he was younger. Seeing how tough the acting business was, he decided to start making Social Media Prank Videos to put his name and face out there and be more recognized. Indeed, he now has his own acting profile on platforms such as IMDB.

The biggest challenges for him as he decided to get started in the pranking business were getting out of his comfort zone.

“I had to challenge myself to make videos and post them without caring about others’ opinions,” he pointed out.

In addition, getting the necessary equipment, recording and editing the videos without previous knowledge was also difficult.

For Beshoy, standing in front of a camera and performing has always been an exhilarating experience.

“Attitude is everything when it comes to starting your own business. Having set goals is also important because dreams do come true if you work for it,” he said.

His advice for people starting their own business, regarding on what the business’ focus is? 

“Never give up and do not be scared of falling a million times.” It is important to “get back up and keep going because nothing in life is worthwhile unless we take risks,” he stated boldly.  

As a prankster, it is easy to receive negative comments because certain people may find some pranks inappropriate or too risky. Beshoy has been able to overcome this fear in order to get out of his comfort zone and try something new, even when he does not always know if it will end well or not. 

Success for an actor like Beshoy means “achieving all that you have planned and all that you have strive to accomplish in life, and to become the person you always dreamed of becoming.” It is crucial, through this process, to also work on “bettering yourself.” To be able to use your talent as a vessel to achieve financial freedom is important to Beshoy. For him, to be able to support himself and his family, also meant opening up closed doors.

Beshoy is currently working on multiple upcoming prank videos that will feature famous influencers joining him in his pranks. Beshoy also wants to create videos based on ideas that have never been put out on social media. In fact, this is what makes Beshoy different from other pranksters online–that he is always ready for any challenge that comes his way, and will work hard to create unique and novel content.

Beshoy wants to show his family and others how successful anyone can be with a strong will in doing what we love. Follow Beshoy on social media to follow up on his prank videos and have a laugh!