Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, and attending both St. John Vianney Catholic High School and Northern Illinois University for football, Brandon E. Beal was on pace to join the National Football League. In 2010 when Beal was getting his shot to earn a spot, he devastatingly tore a ligament in his foot known as the Peroneus Longus. Needless to say, Beal was distraught and was left with no clear direction that he was going to go.

Being a former athlete and a great one at that, Brandon E. Beal assumed playing the game of football was all that he was going to do his entire life. With that stripped from him, he had to get back on the horse and find his next endeavor. He gravitated towards personal training, but despite his love for it, he realized that it was too difficult to find opportunities in the highly saturated market within Southern California. Beal knew that he needed to do something different; he also knew that he wanted to help people. This is when he found financial services.

Now in the financial industry, Brandon E. Beal aims to provide his clients with the best services possible. “I build my clients’ trust simply by being a friend, being family. I let them know I’m going to take care of them. And that I’m not going to recommend anything I wouldn’t provide to my own mother, father, or grandparents. I let them know they’re cared for, and their needs matter to me,” says Beal.

Having been through a lot to get here, Brandon E. Beal uses his Bulletproof, competitive mindset that sports instilled in him from the very beginning. There are two things that Beal lives by, and it’s that not everything is going to always go your way and to always be looking for new ways to learn. The world is going to throw obstacles every which way to throw you off your path, but that’s okay; when you learn to take a few hits, you learn to bounce back.

Brandon E. Beal knows a thing or two about taking a few hits but has never let one affect him from getting back up and staying on his course. He is always looking ahead and aiming for the next thing he wants to accomplish in life instead of dwelling on what could’ve been in the past. His wide array of skills and personal development practices have helped him continue to connect with clients on a deeper level. Using this connection, he ensures all of his clients get taken care of, as they should, and begin their way to financial success. Brandon E. Beal is truly a diamond in the rough of the financial industry.

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