We are living in unprecedented times, where the average individual could reach the masses through leveraging the power of social media. We used to live in a world where only the lucky few would have the opportunity to gain massive amounts of exposure to the public, and now it’s possible for anyone to brand themselves and grow a huge following.    

But first, to make it as an influencer, we need to understand and learn the tools to be able to develop our own unique brand into long term, sustainable success. Through having the right influencer manager or mentor, you can develop your skills and learn the formula to land brand partnerships that will take you to new heights. One inspiring woman who’s doing just that is Briana Wilson.

Briana is the Founder and CEO of NYLA Influencers and Bizfluence. She is an entrepreneur, influencer manager, and mentor based in New York City. Briana is a creative and driven boss-babe who leads with purpose in all that she does. Through her work, she has secured over $2 million in brand partnerships at NYLA Influencers. 

With over seven years of experience in the influencer marketing industry, Briana noticed many BIPOC content creators being undervalued and making less than they deserve. She states, “For that reason, I believe in helping BIPOC creators reach new heights in their influencer business through negotiating for what they’re worth, providing more team support, and implementing content and brand partnership strategies that work.”

Briana was your average college graduate working a 9 to 5, struggling to pay her bills, and just trying to make ends meet. She was an empowered woman with a dream that she was determined to reach. She visualized a thriving life in New York City. Despite a wild ride of highs and lows, she launched NYLA Influencers in 2018. 

A woman on a mission, she doubled her income in the first year of business. Briana is a real inspiration to never lose sight of our dreams. She has transformed herself from one spectrum of reality to another and now her passion is to help others do the same. 

Briana’s influencer management company, NYLA Influencers, has big goals to help you reach new heights in your influencer business. At the root of NYLA Influencers is empowerment, support, and collaboration. 

Briana and her team at NYLA Influencers are an incredible resource for vision-oriented, strategic, and established creators who are at the point where their business is rapidly growing, and they want the industry pros to support their work. They not only manage their influencer clients, but they also work with their clients on developing and executing brand partnership strategies and content strategies to help them land bigger and better brand partnerships and grow them into material successes. 

As Briana’s influencer management business grew, she started to receive an influx of inquiries from content creators asking her how to become a full-time influencer and secure brand partnerships. Inspired by this, she launched her community and course, Bizfluence, to support nano and micro-influencers by sharing her resources to help them skyrocket their earning potential. It was specifically designed to help creators looking for growth, support, and resources to up-level their influencer business. 

So, if you’re feeling stuck in your influencer business and you want to market your passions and land your dream partnerships, Briana Wilson will help you dare to reach for what you want and create the ultimate vision for your business. 

If you’re an established content creator ready to reach new heights in your career or if you’re a nano or micro-influencer ready to turn it into your dream job, reach out to Briana here. 

With industry influencer pros behind you, it’s possible to dream big and build the business and life you’ve always dreamed of.