There’s a powerful way that you can achieve the goals that you want in life.  You can become more organized, more productive, and keep your promises to yourself by applying a helpful technique.

A bright line. 

What is a bright line? This phrase comes from legal terminology. It refers to setting crystal clear rules so that there’s no ambiguity or room for misunderstandings.

You can apply bright lines to your life to create peace of mind and to meet your goals. Let’s explore how that happens and how you can apply bright lines to your life.  

How Creating Bright Lines Helps You

A bright line in your life is a clear and shining personal rule that you follow steadfastly. Bright lines are different from mere goal setting as they are more detailed. They also mark a clear personal boundary when it comes to actions and behaviors. When you set a bright line, you always respect it and make choices that enforce it. 

Bright lines help you clearly define what you want, what you need to do, and who you need to be. 

People often lose track of their resolutions as their goals tend to be ambiguous and fluid. Bright lines, on the other hand, are precise. You’re setting clear and helpful boundaries that guide your life in the right direction. 

Another way that setting bright lines helps you through bypassing the need to use your willpower to take action. We know today that willpower is a limited resource. It gets depleted from making decisions all day at work and in our personal lives. 

Bright lines help you by removing the need for decision making. When you set bright lines, you don’t have to make choices every day. You simply behave according to your bright line. In this way, you don’t have to rely on will power to work on your goals at the end of a long day. Let’s take a close look at how this is possible in everyday activities.

How to Apply Bright Lines? 

You can apply bright lines to any aspect of your life. It can help you build habits, stick to resolutions, and be the best you can be.

Build New Habits

One of the ways that you can apply will power in your life is to build new habits. Think about the current habits you already have, you probably formed them by committing to always do them.

For example, brushing your teeth before sleeping, or locking the door when you leave home. When you first started these habits, you very likely made a firm ‘bright line’ to always perform them uncompromisingly.

You can apply this same principle to your life. You could commit to taking a 20-minute walk every day before sleeping, writing a blog post every weekend, or calling family at least once a week.

When you create firm bright lines, you focus on keeping them intact and strong. Bright lines work because they become part of your identity, and this makes it easy to build habits that reflect who you are.

Set Specific Goals

Another way that you apply bright lines is by making your goals clearer. It often isn’t enough to merely state something as a goal. 

When you say something like ‘I will have more water everyday’ or ‘I will improve my business skills’, it creates a very fuzzy guideline in one’s mind.

When you create a bright line, you define every aspect of your goal very clearly. For example, you can change your desire to drink more water into something more specific. You can create a bright line to always have 8 cups of water a day, and drink 1 cup before each meal.

To make your skill-building goals more specific, create a solid plan. For example, commit to watching half an hour of an online course every evening before you turn on the TV. 

Bright lines reflect unwavering actions and behaviors that will lead to a more productive life. 

Let Bright Lines Guide Your Way

Creating bright lines in your life gives you greater clarity and firmness of purpose. They help you define your goals more clearly and give you clear boundaries in your life. 

Using bright lines removes ambiguity and adds a solid structure to your routine. Whether you want to get more healthy, start an online business, or improve any aspect of your life, you’ll get further with bright lines. 

They also reduce stress and increase your happiness levels

Consider adding bright lines to your life; they’ll help you stay on track and keep you stress-free and content.