Be someone’s light.

Isolation and fear are common when you are facing addiction issues. You don’t want anyone to know that it’s your kid, your husband, your wife that has a substance use disorder.  The thought of the words leaving your lips and possibly being judged or pitied is sometimes too much. Take it from me, I get it, I experienced it. The relief of finally being able to say the words out loud and ask for help is so freeing. Share your fears and your pain. Let others in to support you. You will be surprised how many people share your story. Resources will open up for you. Don’t let the stigma get in the way of your finding options to help your loved one. Focus on wellness not the illness.

Some of my dearest friends are people that I have met during our journey. They’ve listened to me cry, shared my joy and accomplishments, they’ve counseled me when I needed to make decisions, offered advise and let me know that it’s ok to feel, but better to take actionJ

Today I’m thinking of all the empowering men and woman that I know who have either beaten all odds or achieved greatness through hard work, or they’ve fought for something or someone to make a positive change. 

Some like me, who have completely changed their career path to help their family and then went on to help others by speaking publicly and advocating for others.

I’m proud to say that I have met and worked with many men and women who have fought for what they believe in. They have brought awareness to this heroin epidemic by educating the public, sharing their stories, fighting for policy change and by doing so, helped reduce the stigma associated with it.

Kudos to all the people out there who don’t give up, who find solutions instead of problems and who don’t take no for an answer! If you don’t fight for your self and your loved one, who will?

The people who found the power when they felt powerless and used this horrifying journey as an opportunity to become better, stronger not paralyzed by the fear. I salute you! 

Thank you to these men and women. The ones I have inspired and ones who have inspired me and who have mentored me. It’s all about the fellowship, support, strength and growth both personally and professionally. 

You can do this too. You’re in for the fight of your life. Don’t be afraid to reach out! Get out of your comfort zone and share the good and bad. Don’t do this alone.

God Bless,