How Burnout Ruins Your Life - Lea Jaunakais

Burnout is an extreme point of exhaustion from which many individuals find themselves struggling to recover. It can be brought on by a stressful work pace, difficult life circumstances and a busy lifestyle. Once people become burnt out, it can be difficult to recover as it begins to permeate other aspects of their life. It is important to learn how to stop letting burnout run your life, however, so that you do not find yourself stuck in this vicious cycle.

What is the Source of Your Burnout?

Burnout had to have stemmed from something. The sooner you identify this problem area, the sooner you’ll be able to recover. Getting to the root of the issue will help you determine what triggers you. Perhaps its a rigorous class schedule or work issues. Trying to manage all of this without taking care of yourself will lead to burnout sooner rather than later, as all of your energy is going towards this issue instead of saving some for the things you love to do.

What Can You Change at the Current Time?

Some emotional issues brought on by complex issues may not be able to have a quick solution. However, other issues that caused burnout might be able to be alleviated by making some immediate changes. After identifying the source of your burnout, you should make an action plan so that it will no longer be ruling your life. If your job duties are piling up, determine which tasks you can pass on to others and maybe even consider hiring an assistant. If you’re having relationship issues, consider having a heart-to-heart conversation or seeing a therapist. These solutions may not make everything perfect, but they can help alleviate some of the severe effects of burnout and allow you to have a more balanced life.

What Boundaries Can You Set?

As you attempt to bounce back from burnout and downsize its impact on your life, you’ll also need to set certain boundaries. Will you be willing to leave work at work? Are you going to be intentional about making time for yourself and your community? Realize that these boundaries do not make you selfish. It will instead help those around you, your family and work colleagues, as it will better refresh you for your position and allow you to keep living up to your fullest potential. You can determine your boundaries by paying attention to your needs and realizing which areas of your life will help you recover best.