junaid raza mentor

It’s not been a long ago when I was living an ordinary life. I had no vision, no goals and no purpose of life. I was supposed to be completely satisfied with my life, and actually, it was my biggest mistake that was not letting me grow!

I was in a comfort zone, and comfort zones don’t let people come out of their boundaries. We never leave our comfort zones until we have a great motive to break the ice against our belief system.

Let’s say if you are making enough money to meet your expenses, as jobholders do, you would never think of starting a new business. It’s because you are satisfied with whatever you’re.

But if you couldn’t meet your expenses, and even you didn’t get help to meet the needs, or anything else happened with you, you will surely think of increasing your income streams. And it’s all because you got a force that pulled you out of your comfort zone.

This is exactly what happened to me!

I was living a great life, and I was never supposed to change myself. Those days, I met death anxiety, and it was the force that got me out of my previous boundaries.

Once I met anxiety, I realized that I had not done anything useful for the world, and if I died, I would not be more than a waste. It literally changed my approach. I was not on the right track.

I started wondering about getting out of this situation, and luckily, I found a cassette of Tony Robbins. It was “Awaken the Giant Within“.

Before listening to that cassette, I believed that my circumstances wouldn’t let me grow in my life, because I was living in a town and I had not had any resources to grow, but it was all my illusion.

If you have a laptop (that one can find in cheap laptops under 500) and an internet connection, you have all the resources to do anything in life. This is what I learned from my Mentor.

My mentor taught me that people with purposes could do miraculous things, and even I learned how to set goals from Tony Robbins.

After setting goals, I read dozens of books on relationships, finances and personal development. And it was all because of having the right mentor. Tony Robbins always teaches to invest in yourself because investing in himself changed his life.

He has a great story if you get sometime you must listen to him. It will motivate you to invest in yourself.

So if you want to change your life, you need a mentor who could help you set goals, and get you out of your comfort zone.

Why must you look for a mentor?

The question might arise in your mind why you should go for a mentor to change your life? And why you can’t change it yourself?

Basically, you and the right mentor together would change your life. A mentor keeps you motivated and gives you the right direction.

Basically, a mentor is the one who has already experienced your situation, and he is out of it. So he understands what works and what doesn’t. That’s why to change something in your life, first of all, you need a reason, and rest will do the right mentor.

I am using the word, the right mentor, because it’s essential to get the right mentor instead of wasting your time on inexperienced people.

Let’s say you choose a mentor who has never been in a bad situation, or he can’t get himself out of a bad situation, he can’t teach you to get out of it.

So invest time choosing the right mentor, and in this modern era, you can easily do it. If you have a laptop and an internet connection, you have the whole world in your lap.