First of all, bodybuilding is a sport, but it is also a way of life. The main purpose of it is to grow and develop the musculature in one’s body, but by doing that there is a series of changes that need to be made. Secondly, bodybuilding is a competitive activity, so only the best win. That triggers a lot of dedication, motivation and hard work, which lead to a very precise diet, a strict schedule and a specific workout plan. It has been practiced ever since antiquity (in Greece and Egypt), even though many may think that it is a relatively new practice.

For the past few years, this lifestyle has empowered men and women alike and many of them became very successful in entrepreneurial careers, thanks to the sport that helped them gain self-trust, organisational skills and personal development overall. Bodybuilding is not necessarily the kind of career path that ends relatively soon because there is no age limit for competitions (the oldest competitive bodybuilder actually started at age 87), however, there is a choice of whether to continue participating in competitions or just maintaining the fitness of the body while pursuing something else. But maybe you are wondering how can a sport influence the entrepreneurial side of yourself and there are 3 main reasons.


A great example of dedication and great entrepreneurship is none other than Armand Peri, who is one of the most successful bodybuilders, motivational speakers, businessmen, real estate investors and artists. You are probably wondering how did he manage to pull out so many careers and gather them in one place: his life. Well, dedication is one of his most important traits as he started to paint at the age of 5 and never gave up on his passion for art. He actually got to exhibit his artworks in some serious museums before he even turned 18. He is also a respectable investor in his community and others since he still keeps to invest and help small businesses rise even though he doesn’t need to. He started bodybuilding back when he was a teenager due to the fact that he didn’t like what he saw in the mirror.


Having a competitive lifestyle while practicing bodybuilding is unquestionably helpful, as the business world relies on that. Every company owner is constantly seeking for new innovative ways to overcome his competitors on the market by finding creative solutions to problems and perpetually improve the business from the inside to the outside. Competition is actually a great part of everybody’s daily life, regardless of the professional path. It used to be the main personality trait that kept humans alive throughout hard times, starting with the beginning of the anthropological development. Not only we rely on it, but also any other species on Earth. This is why exercising it through the hard work of bodybuilding is one of the most efficient ways.