Many business owners are based in a community they grew up in, and some in areas they relocated to. No matter where you are, you should always make it a point to be actively involved in your community. Whether someone comes in to buy your service or product or simply shares your social media posts, they deserve to be recognized for their involvement as a customer. Business owners and entrepreneurs are looked up to because they serve their community but going the extra mile and doing good outside of your normal business hours will open the eyes of others. Here are some great ways entrepreneurs can give back to their community and make their mark.


One of the best hands-on ways to give back to the community is by volunteering. Whether it’s handing out meals or painting the walls of a school, you’re creating a relationship with members of the community while doing these tasks. Many companies require all employees to do a certain amount of hours of volunteering which serves as a good team-building venture. Some employees may continue to volunteer on their own time as opposed to company time, making a big change in your community. The best way to find out where to volunteer is by contacting your local non-profit organizations.

Local Events

Many communities have events almost every single week, whether they are big or small. The easiest way to find out about these is through social media and word of mouth. Events such as a community block party may need donations from food vendors or even t-shirts and prizes to give out. By donating items from your business you’re showing the community that you care, which leads them to buy from you soon. Members of the community are more likely to give their business to people who have given it to them. This is a great way to keep regular customers coming and welcoming new ones in the door. 

Promote Other Local Businesses

There is no better feeling than having a lot of business coming in and out the door, but sometimes it’s hard when a customer can’t find exactly what they’re looking for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting other businesses in and outside of your market. If you’re out of an item, recommend the store around the corner. If a customer asks where they could receive a specific service somewhere in town, give them the information and phone number. By supporting other businesses you’re creating a sense of community as you are all a whole. Try stopping in at other places, offering your business cards, for theirs in return. Placing these at check out will catch the attention of customers as they can see you’re supportive of your local community.

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