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Life can get so busy, that sometimes we can find ourselves feeling a little bit lost in the mix. When we have a big list of tasks that we need to get through, as well as actually living our day to day lives and doing the things that we enjoy. It can be so hard to get the balance right, but one word can make all the difference, and that word is: efficiency. A lot of people associate efficiency with a complete lack of fun, a regimented schedule and a lack of flexibility – but this doesn’t have to be the case whatsoever. It’s just a case of prioritizing your time in order to get more done in a smaller timeframe – simple! So if you’re wondering how you can become a more efficient person, then read on to find out more!

Ban Yourself from Multi-Tasking

Even if you think you’re a pro at it, chances are it’s probably stemming your productivity rather than helping it. Multi-tasking is actually proven to lessen your productivity and make you more stressed while you’re at it. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you’re not fully concentrating on each task that you’re trying to complete, then chances are all of them are going to suffer in quality somewhere. Instead of multi-tasking plan out when it is that you’re going to do each task. Say for example your overall task was getting your online business up and running – there are several smaller tasks you have to do in order to achieve the overall goal. For example, you’d have to look into marketing, setting up online, and any help websites you may need along the way such as blogger advises You couldn’t possibly do all of those things at once could you? Now apply that to anything else you have to do, and follow the same attitude. Do it in steps, and schedule time in for each individual smaller task. In the long run, you’ll be finished the larger task in a lot less time, and feel a lot less stressed for it.

Delegate Time to Individual Tasks

Now you’ve stopped multi-tasking, you can finally start delegating times to each individual thing you have to do, whether that be going to the gym, handing in an assignment, or schedule in some family time. One of the best ways of successfully delegating time to individual tasks is by investing either in a planner or journal, and writing everything down (or if you prefer the technology side of things, use your phone/laptop calendar or planner). By writing it all down and ultimately giving everything a slot, you, therefore, become a lot more productive with your time because you know when everything is due, and what time you’re doing things. This way, you’re also a lot less likely to forget about things, because they’ll always be written down, and if you’re unsure – you have something to reference back to! 

Keep All Aspects of Your Life Organised

Now, the organisation doesn’t just count in the workplace. In order to be more efficient on the whole, you’ll also have to think about organising your home too. Now, this doesn’t mean that every single room in your house has to be as meticulously laid out as your desk at work is – it’s easy to appreciate that life just isn’t like that. However in order to be as efficient as possible, you should think about giving everything a very specific place, so you know where things are at all times. Think about it, how many times have you been late for something because you can’t remember where you put your keys or have you ended up arguing with your co-habitants because you’re sure they moved that important document that you need right now? Chances are, it happens a lot, as it does to all of us, but if you give everything its own assigned place and ensure everyone sticks to this as a house rule, you’ll find a lot less of your time being wasted.

Commit to Your “Me Time” too

Last but certainly not least, remember to pencil in some time for yourself. If you don’t have time to re-energize, you’ll find yourself running on empty pretty quickly. It goes without saying that tired and overworked people tend to be far less productive than those who feel refreshed and raring to go – so don’t be shy in delegating that downtime for yourself. It’s every bit as important as all of the other things.