When suffering and hurt ensues within, on someone wrongly accusing us, we tend to get angry. 

Come, let’s analyze how to better manage our anger in such a situation, with the help of an enlightened view of the spiritual Scientist, who has swarmed across the ocean of worldly life and knows how to get rid of all weaknesses including anger.


Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened One, has defined anger as one’s own weakness and a major sign of one’s spiritual unawareness. 

Anger is one of the major weaknesses, which in the form of a veil, obstructs our Supreme Soul (Parmatma) to manifest within us. The Supreme Self manifests within, only when all the weaknesses go away.

Anger is a weakness, also because it doesn’t allow us to be in our normal peaceful state as it makes us reactionary to petty adverse circumstances. 

Anger is like a live fire that first sets us ablaze and thereafter others around us! 

Nevertheless, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan emphasizes that to control anger is like pressing a spring upto its tolerance limit. Instead, one should know how to manage anger by gaining clarity of the right way to do it from the Enlightened One:-


Anger itself is ego. Understanding the causes of our anger is crucial in order to get rid of this ego. 

Crying out for vengeance signifies that we are further protecting our ego with anger, in an attempt to prove ourselves right whilst the whole world feels otherwise. Why invest our energies in protecting our enemy namely anger?

The subtle reason behind our anger is that we hold the opposite person responsible for hurting our righteous pride of “I’m right.”  Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains that no one has the power to hurt another person as such. Whether we are hurt by a stone falling from a hilltop or by a little boy, who while playing, accidentally throws a stone at us, the hurt is the same. It is our own past life karmas that came into fruition, as a result of which the stone hurt us, in either case. Yet, we get angry on the little boy and his parents, due to our faulty perception, that makes us see things in a distorted vision, owing to Self-ignorance.

Similarly, even when the person has wrongly accused us, it is due to our past karma only. Our own karmas are unfolding at that moment, following which this episode happened! The person is merely instrumental in delivering the effect of our past life negative karma, where we may have accused someone very badly and wrongly! This is the natural law that governs the entire world! Therefore, the scientific principle is that it is the fault of the sufferer! The one who suffers is the one at fault, at the moment. The one who suffers, it is his karma that has come into fruition right now.


More importantly, Nature wants each one of us to destroy our egoism so that the natural and blissful state of the Pure Soul (our real Self) is maintained. We shall realize this secret when we have attained Self-Realization and we know our real Self through experience.

This is possible through the grace of the Enlightened One!

Self-realization is a gateway to destroy all our inner enemies, namely anger, pride, deceit and greed! When the Enlightened One makes us realize our real identity, our wrong belief of “I’m this body or the name given to identify the body” gets replaced by the right belief of “I’m a Pure Soul, which by nature, is void of anger and is an abode of eternal bliss instead”!

Since we are not aware of our real identity, we see the opposite person at fault and hold him / her responsible for accusing us. After Self-Realization, we begin to see even others as a Pure Soul like us. This right understanding enables us to destroy the causes of our anger, and helps us remain in the awareness of our blissful state of the Soul, which becomes the reason for our progress on the path of liberation.