The concept of living your life as if you were in Vacation.

This is the question my coach proposed to me:

“How can I live in vacation?

living in vacation

Such a great idea and concept. Most of us work to go on vacation, we have a set of dates picked out on the calendar and work towards that date.

Typically as that date nears the excitement grows, you start picking out an outfit for each day, plan out how you are going to spend each day, scope out restaurants, what activities you will do, etc.

We put a lot of time into this one act because VACATION rocks and it makes us feel great.

What is that feeling I am writing about?

The worry-free feeling, you are doing things on your own terms, waking up at the time you want, stretching, having a great breakfast, planning out your day and so on.

Such a good feeling right?

Let’s circle back to the original question.

How can I (we) live in vacation?

After our call, I started to think about the questions and what my answer was. Something interesting happened a few days earlier, my wife said to me, “I can’t wait to get back from VACATION to OUR VACATION”

My wife is already living this and I did not know.

It clicked, live your life on your terms. The answer to “How can I live in Vacation” Create a life where you are excited about every moment of the day.

The wake-up, morning routine, stretching, getting the kids ready, driving them to school, your profession, crushing the day, working on all your life domains. That’s how you live on Vacation, grab the bull by the horns and tame that beast.

When you schedule your next vacation to think of it as a celebration of the amazing work you put in and recharge from your everyday vacation.

Personally, I am working towards this concept and it is clearing up a lot of things for me.

Let me know if you have any questions.