The Pandemic Has Had Nonprofit Organizations Harder Than Others

Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has harmed everyone. There are numerous individuals and families having trouble making ends meet. A lot of small businesses have had to close their doors. One segment of the economy that has been hit harder than everyone else involves non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations play a vital role in the community. Unfortunately, when people have trouble making ends meet, the first thing to go is charitable donations. During this time, what can non-profit organizations do to make sure they survive? There are a few key points to keep in mind. 

Lean on Past Loyal Supporters

The first thing that non-profit organizations need to do is to make sure they lean on past loyal supporters. Many non-profit organizations have donors who regularly donate once per month, once per quarter, or once per year. They understand that non-profit organizations are struggling right now. If they did not make their regular donation, consider reaching out to them directly. Appeal to them in a personal manner. They might be willing to open up their wallets and make a donation even if they are struggling themselves. Non-profit organizations need to reach out to their loyal supporters personally to show that they care about their mission. Even though it might be hard to convince someone to donate to a new charity, it will probably be easier to convince someone to contribute to a charity that they have supported in the past. 

Take Donations Digital

Another way that non-profit organizations can generate more revenue is to take donations digitally. Non-profit organizations are usually not the most innovative organizations when it comes to generating revenue. Typical events, such as auctions in dances, are not an option during the pandemic. Therefore, non-profit organizations should explore ways to raise money digitally. For example, non-profit organizations might want to consider crowdfunding for non-profits. Crowdfunding is a way for organizations to raise funds using small donations from a larger group of people. Even though it might be hard to convince someone to make a single, large donation during this time, it might be possible to convince many people to make smaller donations. Every dollar counts during this time. 

Explore New Ways To Raise Money for Non-profits

Right now, the mission of non-profit organizations is more critical than it ever has been in the past. Unfortunately, when hard economic times strike, challenges tend to hit non-profit organizations harder than other companies. Therefore, non-profit organizations need to do everything they can to explore new ways to raise money. By leaning on prior donors and exploring ways to raise money digitally, non-profit organizations can weather the storm and survive. That way, they can continue to support populations in desperate need of assistance. Appeal to the humanity of donors and cast a wider net.