How Can Students Protect Themselves from Mental Health Crisis Due to Coronavirus

Psychology calls stress a feeling of pain and pressure when threatened on any account. The strain aggravates building more strength when they believe that they do not have many resources for coping with the obstacles, which could be a stimulant in the environment or the circumstances and situations that persist or more. For students, those psychological strains demand a few pointers that should stay above any blemish even when quarantined, and they are:

Reframe Negativity To Stay Positive 

Positivity is an effort, and a lot of energy goes in to keep yourself motivated enough to remain so under all odds. From real emotion springs happiness, which is not about just smiling but the ability to be optimistic, that nothing will go wrong despite Coronavirus challenge.  

-Cut down on negative news, refrain from access even to social media updating the gory details that upset you. But even in this, keep yourself adequately informed with the correct news feeds. 

-Instead of cribbing over each piece of work that you have to share with your family, women students locked at home mainly, build-up the positivity by making each activity a fun activity even if it meant completing the chores. Take time to appreciate those who are with you, counting on the gratitude and gratefulness in troubled times. 

-Enjoy each break that comes from work, have proper conversations on family details that give positive energy to fight back the situation positively. Steer conversations away from Coronavirus. 

-Take life with a new perspective, enjoy time doing simple things for others and yourself.

Keep Yourself Fairly Engaged

In the present isolated situation, ask yourself, is the case going to matter a month from now? Isolation from others makes engagement difficult. Engagement floods the body with positivity elevating the sense of well being. Time flies if the individual is focussed on the task at hand. Being engaged can keep you calm, focused, and joyful by being in a ‘Flow’ of being involved by practicing: 

-Find time to listen deeply to others, even motivators, and gurus, which energize you, also when quarantined from society, learn about their lives and the ways to connect.  

-Keep yourself adequately occupied with exercise and hobbies, like even playing your favorite instrument. All these activities and more stretch our intelligence, skills, and emotional capabilities.

Connect With Other Relationships

To connect socially is important, and they are pivotal for existence; they add meaning and purpose in our lives. Healthy interactions with others promote emotional reactions like caring, friendship, and love. 

-Now is the time to value those relationships long ignored and keep a watchful eye on others, too, who can irk you even when isolated. Physical isolation need not mean emotional isolation, also, even during Coronavirus pandemic times across the world. Being part of a group helps to remain safe and valued. Stay in touch on:

-Perhaps over the phone or at a safe distance with neighbors, colleagues, and friends discussing how they are coping with the stressful times instead of keeping yourself unmindful of any social connection. Take out time for your work colleagues about how they are dealing with working from home, then listen and teach what you haven’t so far by connecting on phone.

– Set time aside with your partner and children; listen to them to understand the emotions and feelings that are conveyed. It is a golden opportunity to increase your joy as your relationships grow. 

Quarantined, Reassess The Meaning Of Your Life

Covid19 and being quarantined has thrust upon many individuals and institutions to reconsider their purpose of sense, the reason for personal fulfillment. Therefore they are seeking:

-Spirituality, which provides many people with knowledge. So do volunteering for a great cause or expressing yourself creatively. In office or at home, reassess what you spend your time most on. You might try using some of your time to:

-Find your real purpose in life, pen it down and practice them to refine it. When ready about it, spiritually share it with others – it helps define your goals, which probably till now there was no time to do so. 

-Once the sense of purpose is defined, map it in mind on how your current approach to life meets the target. Or the activities that support your missions and goals, how do you propose to unleash them in better times for the qualitative growth of the self. In one word your very own self-improvement plan.

Seek Your Accomplishments

Prioritizing your task into small segments seek your accomplishments/ achievements in the quarantined times. Assessing accomplishments is an essential aspect of real happiness and growth. Whatever the situation in life it is the achievements which tell us about our success and have control of life. Reevaluate the things achieved. 

Whatever your circumstances, our results show us that we have control over our lives. While in isolation, the goals should be optimistic and realistic for the individual to achieve them when out of the confined moments. Therefore goals should always be practical. And you can start with these when quarantined: 

-Follow yoga or walk or an exercise regime which allows you to leave your home office desk for fresh air, despite all pressures of office work, every time at least 10 minutes per hour. 

-Try cooking with whatever is available to innovate. 

-Handwritten notes to someone you wanted to send for a long time, imagine how they will feel reading it. 

-Convincing your near and dear ones that you are there for them in quarantined times, however far to give them the positivity they so require when in isolation themselves.  


During stressful quarantined days, take time each day to reflect on what went well, recognize your successes to move ahead instead of working on what you lost. List the things that you are grateful for, however small the matter may be. Keep a gratitude journal and write two things daily that keep you going the whole day long if you need to take assignment help online in the UK then so many websites that provide assignment assistance at your doorstep. The above tips can save from the present depression that many students may be currently undergoing in their separate ways. The truth is in the one-liner, ‘You reap what you sow’.