The cool thing about our house is that high level entrepreneurs are always coming by.

Just last night we had 23 people at the local mastermind! 

With all these badasses around, it’s inevitable that they’re gonna drop a knowledge bomb or two along the way.

Case in point: this is an adorable puppy Andrew Kroeze and I played with last night.

His name is Max. He’s also a pattern interrupt.

Max is a DOBerMan puppy, to be precise.

That’s an acronym to help me remember something I learned from him and a book he read yesterday that I want to teach all of you.

Anyway, this is no normal run of the mill cute puppy.

THIS cute little guy is gonna help you make more sales by conveying your offering in a more powerful way.

He’s gonna help you MAX out your opportunity.

By remembering 4 key must have parts of an offer that converts:





Here’s an example using our Build A Mastermind Program:


A 12 week program with world class video content

Plug and play SOP’s so you can scale your efforts now

Precise scripts and workflows and more 

Twice weekly live group mastermind support

A Facebook group where you can interact with me and the group 24/7 and get all your questions answered by me same day

Bonus content, goodies, opportunities, connections, community, resources and more.


For entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who want to create a world class mastermind group to increase their income and impact in less time, their outcome is to add at least $100k to your business in 5-10 hours a month, learn how to market, sell and facilitate a world class in person OR virtual mastermind.


Marketing — How do I generate qualified, interested leads?

High Ticket Sales– How do I close deals and move money across the line?

Impostor Syndrome — What will people even want to learn from me anyway? How can I charge what I want to charge?

Market Research — How do I know people will buy what I’m offering?

Branding — How do I get my mastermind to stand out over the noise and crowds?

Facilitation — How do I run a mastermind anyway? How is it different from a group coaching program? How can I make sure people get results consistently?

Leadership Skills — How can I step up and lead myself and others to the promised land?


Using these tools above, we walk you through the scientific method and step by step process of creating a world class mastermind. Week after week, we add a new layer on top of the foundation we create in week one. We talk to people in our target market, form an offer hypothesis, test it by selling the offer we create BEFORE we build a single thing. This lessens the risk (because we’re sure we’re building something people WANT and will PAY FOR), increases cash flow and momentum, and gives us outsized results for our clients.

Clients who have NEVER sold high ticket before start closing deals in as little as two weeks! Once 5-10 clients are enrolled, (or 15,20,25, depending on your goal) then we get underway with a proven methodology to get YOUR clients results, helping you with any challenges that arise. In fact, the last four weeks are dedicated to making sure you still have training wheels and support in the twice weekly calls to solve any potential challenges that may arise, so by the time the program concludes, you have a sustainable leg of your business that helps you do more in less time. It’s far superior to 1:1 or group coaching. Clients even step up and start helping each other succeed, solidifying their own knowledge along the way!


Something I learned from my mentor long ago is I’d always rather have a FRAME work than HARD work.

Using the DOBerMan framework what does your offer look like? What’s your big takeaway here? What questions do you still have?

Hope this helps,

I love you, thank you.