Have you ever come across a beautiful landscape that someone else had posted on Instagram and you had to urge to pack your bags and travel there? Well, if you have had that urge then why are you still here?

Why not just hike to the top of the mountain and watch the world down below or take a dive into the exotic ocean and bathe in the sun light while you sit with your friends in the surrounded by the lush green hills and the purity of nature.

Most of us are afraid of travelling and most of us don’t even think about it twice, we just pack our bags and go. Travelling is exciting and exhilarating and it is so beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s like you are travelling to a whole new world; beautiful scenery, meeting new people and the difference of culture and traditions. The memories that you’ll make along the way will last longer than the pictures and the videos you capture.

Travelling doesn’t only help benefit your physical health but also your mental health as well. As you discover new and exotic places and taste exotic food and meet new people a sense of self-importance and satisfaction develops within you.

The more you roads you travel the more opportunities are made available to you. Travelling enhances your creativity and opens your mind to new possibilities.

When you go exploring new places, you don’t only explore the place itself but you explore yourself as well. You learn things about you that you never knew. Your strengths and your weaknesses are all there. You find yourself with travelling.

I once had a friend that travelled for 15 days straight on a motorbike. 15 days, he travelled for more than 3000 km. He visited places that I would’ve never dreamed existed. They showed pictures that represented the culture of those places. There were oh so many colourful dresses and beautiful jewellery that just catches the eyes of people around you.

You can make your trips more beautiful and memorable by carrying with you a portable power bank which is a very handy gadget that will does wonders for you when you’re hiking up a mountain and taking picture and your phone decides to die. You can always plug it with the power bank and charge your phone as you go. It’s very easy to carry.

Carry your clothes in a bag made up of parachute material so that when it rains your belongings don’t get wet. Take some snacks as well, energy drinks, protein bars and chips and noodles.

If you want to make your trips to be a bit more personal, then do take your jewellery with you as well; ear rings, rings, and Boho inspired necklaces. Taking the things that are personal to you will make them more valuable. When you’ll wear your jewellery at a new place you will find that that specific piece of jewellery will hold a cherish able memory for you.