Many times we rush to make judgments or conclusions about a situation, person, or thing without fully understanding the circumstances behind it, says Georges Chahwan. Our society is becoming increasingly judgmental through social media and other outlets. We are more than capable of overcoming this obstacle by slowing down and listening to what another has to say for themselves before forming an opinion.

When we become skilled at practicing empathy towards others, we allow ourselves more time to understand the perspectives within the conversation. When someone feels heard, they feel supported and their emotional state improves drastically compared to when they don’t receive that same courtesy. It’s okay not to agree with every perspective you hear but it’s important that everyone who takes part in the conversation is heard out equally.

When we slow down and really think about our actions before acting on them, we allow ourselves the opportunity to improve the way that others see us. We also give ourselves time to reevaluate our own thoughts because rushing through them can lead us in the wrong direction, adds Georges Chahwan. If you catch yourself making a snap judgment towards someone or something, take some time to think about why you’re upset; what factors caused you to feel this way? By taking others’ perspectives into account, you’ll be able to understand how your actions affect other people around you so getting upset doesn’t have to be an option anymore.