Are you feeling your staff lagging in the office? Trying to think of new ways to motivate your team? When it comes to office morale, once one falls, the rest will follow. One “Negative Nelly” can truly impact others, so what can you do to prevent this?

You don’t have to take drastic measures, just follow the below steps and your team will go back to the dream team that they once were.

Bring in the sunshine

No-one wants to sit in a dimly lit room all day, 5 days a week; everyone needs daily vitamin D to keep their spirits high. It has been proven that natural light can help to improve depression, especially in the winter months so it is really important that they are getting those daily rays!

Ensure that there is always light shining through to your office and if this isn’t possible, add in more natural effect lights to create your own sunshine indoors.

Brightening the office can brighten those smiles

Studies suggest that bringing in a brighter colour to any space can help to stimulate creativity and motivation, while lower saturated colours create a calmer surrounding but can be seen as more relaxing and motivating.

Office chairs can be personalised to suit you and your team, so if you’re on board with a makeover in the office to turn those grey walls a bright yellow, choose your chairs so that they match with your new décor.

Change your dynamics

If you’re finding that your whole team is lacking in motivation, then there is something that isn’t going quite right within the office. Take it back to the good old days and communicate with your team. Ask why and listen. It can sometimes be hard to hear what could be improved, however, showing that you’re there to listen and act on these things can instantly boost morale. With hope for improvement and change in the air, your team will soon be back to their motivated selves.

Invest in your future

Showing that your company cares about comfort can have a real impact on your staff. The average working day is 8 hours, and 90% of this is spent seated in an office environment. Unsurprisingly, this could impact your long-term health drastically, invest in furniture that could help them in the long run.

Little things such as back support in a chair can often be overlooked by employers, however, if your staff feel comfortable at their desk, then more than likely they are going to get agitated and lose their concentration very easily.

Being able to adjust your chair with the weight of your body much like the Humanscale Freedom Chairs allows for optimum comfort all day while also meaning you’re spending less time faffing around with silly mechanisms that nobody can seem to work properly!

With a happy team follows a successful business. It’s very easy to think that if your staff aren’t happy then they can be replaced with someone that could… but if the morale in the office is down, it will soon catch to even the new members. So instead of replacing your team, invest in them, understand why they aren’t happy and do what you can to try to improve that.