Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so the saying goes. While we’re not claiming that a clean home is a sign of divinity, we do claim that it is highly beneficial for you. Also, remember that no matter how active you may be, chances are you are spending most of your time in your home.

Understand that what you see when you wake up sets the tone for the rest of your day. Coming face to face with the embodiment of chaos that you call your living room simply won’t do you any good. If you are still not convinced, below you can find more in-depth explanations on just how having an ordered home helps you.

It reduces stress


Our attention spans and our subconscious are strange things. This can be pretty evident in how we handle a mess in our home. Consciously, we believe that everything is fine, that we simply don’t care. “Sure, it’s a mess here, but I’m just gonna read, or stare at my phone. I won’t be looking at the mess, so it won’t bother me.”
Thought processes of this nature are not completely true. The moment you look up from the book or your phone, you will face chaos. You will get constant and consistent reminders of the disorder surrounding you. Let’s be honest here – don’t you feel a twinge of guilt when you look at a mess? Well, this adds up throughout the day. By cleaning up your home, in terms of both clutter and dirt, you will get rid of a very insidious and subtle source of stress.

Caring for your home boosts your confidence

It’s always the little things that matter. It’s shocking how much a little victory can help our moods. These can give us a little boost, they can help snap us out of a depression episodes. It can even give us some confidence in tackling a much more serious problem that is seemingly disconnected with the little tasks we just accomplished. This is what fixing up your house does.

Namely, by cleaning your home regularly, you always have a small win behind you. This is especially true after cleaning up a big mess. This also goes for any kind of maintenance and home improvement you do. Think of caring for your home as if you were practising self-care. It’s an extension of you, in a way, and improving it means improving yourself.

Can be a great bonding experience


Decluttering your home can serve as an amazing bonding experience as well. Fixing up the place with your spouse and your kids can be a great way for you all to spend some time together. Furthermore, you can make a game of it as well. For example, see who can get the most clutter out of the house in as little time as possible in order to win a prize!

Of course, if you have too many old and unnecessary things and you simply can’t handle all the work by yourself, you can always ask for some help. Maybe you could even consider getting your friends involved. If that’s too much work, contacting professionals like Skip Bin Hire can make things easier by at least handling part of the work. Just remember, don’t delegate everything. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids some good housekeeping habits.

You will become more productive

Besides serving as proof that you are indeed a capable adult human being, caring for your home has other interesting benefits for your productivity. First of all, by regularly doing some work around the house, you gain some structure. You know you have to do X and Y by noon, for example, and you need to structure your day around this.

Second, by having a nice living space, you will be able to focus more on your work. Instead of getting subconsciously distracted by the mess, you will be able to devote your attention to the task at hand. And of course, you will need to invest less effort into finding that one document that is lost somewhere, or your pen, or your notes.

Lets you make your home beautiful

Understand that by regularly cleaning and sprucing up your home, you don’t only make it clean, but also give yourself the opportunity to make it beautiful. You will have more space, both mental and physical, to add artwork, plants, repaint the place… This, of course, then does wonders for your mental health in every way.


Caring for our living space has many direct and indirect benefits for our mental health. From improving our mood, to releasing stress, taking care of our homes is a task everybody should stick to. It can boost your confidence, and allow you to make an oasis of beauty. Finally, it’s a wonderful bonding experience with friends and family that can easily be turned into a game.