Caroline Crowder is always on her toes. As the founder and CEO of social media consulting company PSC Media, she essentially has to be. The social media space is ever-changing, and there are new consumer trends evolving on a regular basis. Whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, Caroline has worked tirelessly to see where consumer attention goes and then how to best capitalize on it. She’s also an incredible content creator and editor, and spends hours on editing platforms like Adobe and Lightroom to perfect her craft and create beautiful content. 

Caroline’s knowledge and skill set has allowed her to provide tremendous value to major brands. She’s collaborated with the likes of Lyft, The NFL and JCPenney as an influencer, and consults with other companies to create content creation calendars and put them through various accelerator programs to develop a stronger brand and social media presence. 

Outside of her work with her clients, she has grown her personal brand to over 350,000 organic followers on Instagram and has attended Coachella and the Dote Influencer Trip in Disneyland as a result of her strong personal brand. 

Even with all of the success she’s had, she is well aware of the criticism that comes along with being a content creator. Many people think that content creation is easy work, when in reality there are hours of planning, self education and execution that goes on behind the scenes just to create a single piece of content. Not to mention, Caroline has had to work tremendously hard to get the opportunity to consult with companies and provide them value. 

She’s heard “no” countless times, and these setbacks have only served as fuel for her to work harder than ever to progress as a professional and hone in her craft even further. She’s figured out how to make herself more valuable, how to improve her media kit, and how to improve her pitches to brands as a result of hearing “no”. After hearing her first “yes”, each collaboration she’s had since has come easier and easier until she’d reached a point where brands reached out to her to collaborate. 

Now that she’s established herself and her brand, she loves giving back to smaller content creators that are just getting their start. She advises them to be unafraid of reaching out to people like her seeking advice, as many of them are more than willing to give tips. In fact, as you become more successful, these “big fish” will one day become your peers. This became true for Caroline, and now she’s looking to elevate her brand and her craft to new heights.