Attitude is closely related to our success. We often are able to identify opportunities based on our emotions that day. For example, if we feel greatly inspired, it looks as if though there are more than double available alternatives that we can opt to increase our chances of a positive outcome. On the other hand, if we are feeling down, we also start seeing fewer options and solutions to our problems.

Attitude may play a great role in our ability to make decisions and take risks. As we perceive a situation as less threatening, we are more likely to engage and act. On the other hand, poor attitude will hinder our ability to bet big and also win big.

Attitude may hold a key to unlocking our greatest dreams by allowing us to approach opportunities with great vigor and engage in situations that are likely to allow us to grow. It may also possibly hold the answer as to why so many people with poor attitude are unable to go very far in their careers or personal life.

Below, I am including my top four ways in which we can help improve attitude and ultimately our outcome (and income). If you wish to read more about my work, please visit my website, influencer marketing agency, or follow my Instagram @clubfashionista.

Photo by social media agency, Amra & Elma.

  1. Get into a habit of voicing gratitude all the time: I noticed that some people who practice Islam would often voice gratitude via words like “mashallah” or “bismillah.” I often looked for words in English that would resemble this type of daily praise of our surroundings, activities, and relationships. I thought it was a shame that there weren’t more of those words in English language that would force us to acknowledge our blessings even in case when these words often became just “filler words.”

By forcing ourselves to often voice gratitude, we are able to increase our appreciation of our surroundings. Acknowledging our daily blessings can help drastically improve our attitude towards life.  

2. Force yourself to visualize a great outcome: If we force ourselves to visualize a great outcome we also start developing a habit of viewing circumstances in a positive light. A great misfortune suddenly becomes a great opportunity to learn and grow. Death becomes an appreciation and celebration of life. I find that there are no situations in existence that prevent us from learning, growing, and ultimately becoming the best version of ourselves. This type of viewpoint also becomes an enormous relief as suddenly suffering directly turns into a blessing.

3. Practice small victories: Small victories can include making yourself a healthy lunch, writing a blog post (on Thrive), or doing 10 lounges (I like to follow fitness influencer simple exercises). It is tremendous how our attitude can change if we succeed in doing the tiniest of tasks. It is also surprising that often these small accomplishments will lead us towards attempting bigger tasks with more vigor. For example, 10 lounges can turn into 50 lounges, and then they can become a 10-minute workout, and eventually result in a full blown sweat daily session, a “dream body,” and optimal health.  

4. Force yourself to lead positive conversations: If we monitor our conversations, we may be surprised at how many of them may turn towards negative subjects. For example, we may find that we gossip a lot about people, voice our concerns, worries, and fears, or simply criticize our surroundings. If we were to keep tabs on all these exchanges and then allocate percentage towards pessimistic thoughts, we may be surprised at just how much we engage in bad perspectives. Forcing ourselves to engage in positive conversations may not come naturally but it would allow us to start practicing a more optimistic stance. These uplifting thoughts can also continue throughout our day and spill over into other activities at work and personal life.

Our attitude is not fixed and can be changed through purposeful efforts. It can allow us to get things done faster, better, and enjoy the process far more than we currently do. Ultimately, it can completely change our ability to grow and help achieve dreams at a far faster pace than ever thought possible.