Back in high school, BezKnowsTalent was an excellent basketball player who has been recognized as one of the top 50 among the state during his senior year. Eventually, he became interested in music. So after he spent some time recording in a low-quality studio, he fell in love with the creative process. 

He also loved the idea of being able to entertain and perform in front of an audience. 

It’s more than just music, it’s the entire creative process, the marketing, business side, and everything that is involved with being a successful artist,” he said. 

The first single he dropped a year ago hit a couple hundred thousand streams and also charted on iTunes. He is also going on a tour with 87 the label on May 21, 2021, be covering 14 cities across the U.S.

He even gained relationships with top producers such as Kenny Bartow, stooped beats, and others. 

Now living in Atlanta, BezKnowsTalent will be dropping his second EP in June which he considers a perfect time for the tour that he will go on for the summer.

With his career in the music industry, BezKnowsTalent has learned several things to help him maintain his well-being as he strives to reach his goal. 

Changing His Perspective 

But despite being on the top, working in the music industry isn’t always a walk in the park. Luckily, he has developed a thick skin to help him fend off unwanted stress and burnout from external factors. 

“I have learned to stay consistent and positive. My confidence comes from knowing that I cannot control everything, I will never be able to stop the low points of my life, they are all lessons. When I started looking at life this way, it changed everything for me,” he said. 

He added that these low points are important to him as an artist since there are lessons in each one of them. 

“You learn more from your failures than you do from successes so the more obstacles I have the more I have to learn,” he said. 

And whenever things get overwhelming and are beyond his control, BezKnowsTalent goes back to the basics and unwinds by visiting his family and/or making music. 

Forming An A-Team

To aspiring artists who want to follow in the footsteps of BezKnowsTalent, he encourages them to create a strong team composed of a producer, manager, and all the other people one might need through this journey. 

With the right people, he believes that artists can go farther in their career than they ever will alone. 

Find out more about BezKnowsTalent through his Instagram account