For much of his childhood, Luca Missaglia thought that his dad was a cold, unsupportive father. When he would get hurt riding his bike, his dad would tell him to pull himself together rather than come help him up and comfort him. It wasn’t until much later in life that Luca realized how important the lessons his father taught him were, and they certainly helped him become the person he is today.

Knowing zero English, Missaglia dropped out of college and purchased a one way ticket from his hometown in Italy to London. He knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, but his knowledge on the topic didn’t extend much further than that. It was up to him to find success, and the lessons his father taught him growing up went a long way to helping him weather the uncertainty and struggle of trying to make it on his own.

His first job in London was by no means glamorous, but it helped pay the bills while he learned the English language. His hard work and willingness to learn and improve got him noticed by reputable people in his industry, and he quickly found a dream position as the head of a restaurant and nightclub.

He’d always had a passion for mixology and the nightlife industry, and he wasted little time pursuing this dream of his and making a career out of it. There was no certainty that he’d become successful when he arrived in London, but his work ethic and determination made it pretty clear that he would become successful sooner rather than later. 

His family had always been supportive of him growing up, but dropping out of school to live in a completely new country was certainly a tough pill to swallow for the people closest to him. But nonetheless, the tough lessons people like his father taught him were what inspired him to take action on his dreams and make it happen for himself. 

Today, Missaglia is widely regarded as a global influencer and is an award winning mixologist, and has captured all that he used to dream about growing up in Italy. He had nothing handed to him, and didn’t rely on luck or a “big break” to find success. He did it with focus, an incredibly optimistic mindset, and an unrelenting work ethic. In times where he could have easily burned out and given in, he relied on all that he had learned as a boy to remind himself that his dreams are in reach so long as he continues to work hard.