Most people need to experience failure before they experience success, in Colin Morgan’s case he had to experience losing his PGA Tour dreams to become a powerhouse entrepreneur. Colin was quick to adapt to the changes he had experienced and immediately started trying everything and anything to find what was right for him. He excelled at learning from failure and implementing what he saw in successful people with his own unique twist. 1 failed dream, 3 unsuccessful businesses and a ton of hustle were enough to keep Colin pushing for something more out of life.

Bouncing Back from a Duff

From the very start, Colin has been no stranger to hard work, growing up with entrepreneurs for parents. That experience gave him an early look at the work ethic it takes for one to truly succeed. Colin eventually found himself beginning a podcast called “The Daily Grind Podcast”.

The Daily Grind Podcast began because Colin experienced the impact that podcasts had on himself and others around him. Beginning his new venture, like every entrepreneur it did not come without struggles, in fact, his first 20 episodes were recorded shirtless from the amount of sweat. By trying and adapting Colin was able to quickly learn the ropes of podcasting, he soon saw his audience growing very quickly.

Colin having a natural curiosity made it easy for him to reach out to others and network within the podcast industry, a trait responsible for making The Daily Grind the show it is today. The amount of content Colin started putting out that is both educational as well as implementable for his audience makes it a very attractive show for any aspiring entrepreneur. The daily grind podcast is for anyone who is trying to better themselves and escape the 9-5 grind. Colin places a huge emphasis on providing as much value as possible for his audience.

Consistent Success comes from Consistent Work

Establishing a successful podcast is already a challenging task but consistently keeping an audience engaged can be tricky. In a world where we binge watch Netflix shows Colin introduced a way for his audience to binge endless amounts of interviews. He takes the approach of having a 5 day a week interview format and believes that the fastest way to reach your goals is by learning from others. His show offers that opportunity.

Colin as a podcast host has established a credible career. He aspires to leave a lasting impact on others outside of succeeding in business, making money, and growing as a person. Colin’s aspirations of true fulfillment can be seen beyond just being a podcast host. Colin over the last few years has worked with many current professional athletes by helping them prepare for a life after sports, making it his mission to get his client’s financial security post a sports career.

If we take a look at Colin Morgan’s career we can see how having an unshakable work ethic can help you prepare for your next venture as well as open up the doors to opportunity.