Communication and collaboration have never been at a higher premium. The majority of businesses and employees were forced to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic which meant communcate in new ways to still get the job done.

Unified communicaiton systems like UCaaS are being implemented so disparate teams can easily interact internally as well as with customers. UCaaS is a unified cloud based phone system that allows remote teams to communicate from their mobile phones or home offices like they were sitting at their desk in an office setting. While UCaaS is a new standard in business communications, its low-cost options are still be developing to make use of cutting-edge technologies like advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. The software-based features of VoIP’s that include text, meeting collaboration, and video conferencing, to name a few, have been the heartbeat behind the field of UCaaS. If you want to know what the future holds for this communications platform, here’s a UCaaS guide for 2020.

The Incorporation of Sentiment Analysis

The features of a standard UCaaS will continue to find ways of incorporating artificial intelligence capabilities. Data mining and analytics will be able to a company a snapshot of how much employees are using certain features of communication solutions, such as video capabilities. With sentiment analysis, AI will try to determine opinions through data mining both written text or speech.  At its best, it will be like having a secretary that can take on a range of personal productivity tools.

The Start of Sales Coaching

Using AI, companies can also look for help with sales coaching. When reviewing a video conference, AI tools could isolate areas that were weak during a presentation and highlight additional areas or products that a rep should have promoted. As long as the calls have been recorded, AI can go back through and siphon out important information for training purposes. Small organizations that need every advantage possible to improve growth opportunities, especially when there is little sales training or experience in management, could tap into this real-time and valuable feedback.

The Improvement in Transcription Services

As AI continues to become more advance, smarter speech-to-text capabilities will flow into UCaaS. Rather than waiting on a sales rep to draft an email highlighting the products mentioned during a call or a customer service agent to issue a credit, an AI system can pick up on the cues during the call and auto-generate follow-up information through email channels. With this kind of accuracy, UCaaS can use AI for transcribing conference calls, notating important information, and disseminating the resulting document to everyone that was on the call. This engagement vastly improves company efficiency, which is a win-win for consumers and employees alike.

The Advancement in Picture Quality

Watching television in 4K for many is a luxury, and now, video conferencing in 4k could be the next great thing. Think of this advancement as producing a life-like interaction when trying to close a sale, promote a new product, or recruit and train new employees. It is becoming more common for a business to operate more outside the walls of its building than it does within, so the best in imagery with a visual experience improves the image presented to the public.

The Increased Market Competition

A lot of businesses are having to rely on a cable provider for internet connectivity. For a long time, cable providers offer stability and high-speed internet in a delivery medium that can handle the bandwidth of business use. As more 4.5G and 5G networks continue to emerge, it will change the face of the communications market. Companies of any size will be able to choose a wireless option for its phone connectivity that is similar in reliability and delivery to what you would get with a wired connection. Increased opportunities will weaken the monopoly that several of the big cable providers have long held over the communications industry. With 5G readily available, you may see this become a primary internet connectivity option, and with good reason. A 5G network increases reliability and produces better call quality.

Don’t be surprised at what your communications system will be capable of doing in the next few years. These are just a few of the areas where you will see UCaaS continue to develop.