If asked what they wanted to do for a living, a lot of people would tell you that their dream was to run their own business. Generally speaking, people love the idea that they get to determine what their job is, how long they will work every day, whether they’ll have the weekends off, and most importantly, they want to earn a lot of money and live without a financial care.

However, there are some pessimists who will tell you that this is impossible to achieve. Although we are not going to agree with them, we have to warn you that you are going to have to work hard and invest everything you have (not only funds but also your free time and social life). In the following article, we are going to tell you about Muhammad Aqib, a man who made his dream come true.

From a really young age, Muhammed was interested in technology i.e. S-E-O, Content Writing, and so on. He says that he found school boring simply because he didn’t have a chance to learn about things he was really interested in. So he started researching and learning some basics. At the age of just 14, he started working online, and when he was 19 he managed to extend his business to the US market. Today his company, Ahead Host LLC, offers a wide range of services such as web hosting, website builder and development, web and logo design, search engine optimization, email marketing, and so on.

However, Muhammed’s journey was not all sunshine and roses. A few times from 2014 to 2017, he was at risk of losing his business due to debt. During this tough period, a lot of people left the company, but he was determined to make it successful, so he stayed, invested his own savings and even borrowed some money from his friends. And he managed to reach his goal. By the beginning of 2017, he had paid off all the debt and the company started earning some small profit. At the end of the same year, he decided it was time to expand it to international marketing, and that is how Ahead Host LLC came to life.

Today, Muhammed wants to share his story and to inspire youth. He wants everyone to see that even though at the time it might seem almost impossible if you don’t give up and try your best, you can make your company reach the top. It doesn’t matter how many times your project gets rejected, if you truly believe in it, you should never give up.

Furthermore, according to him, you should never put all your eggs in one basket, meaning that you should not focus on only one task, project, or client. Instead, try to work on as many different tasks as you can. This way your company will not be at risk if one of the projects fails.

Lastly, Muhammed advises you to always work on growing the network of people you collaborate with. You won’t be able to achieve any of the stuff you intend to if you don’t have like-minded partners to help you along the way.