As an employer, your company’s role in society has a huge impact on your employees’ lives. Should you receive negative press, for example, that could very well come back and affect those you’re employing. The same goes for the opposite as well: if you partake in corporate giving and other charitable activities, your actions could have a positive impact on how your employees feel about their workplace. 

Most importantly, the way a business interacts with its community reflects on the culture your company builds for its employees. Positive company culture makes someone feel more connected to their workplace, so charitable giving will reinforce a company’s purpose while providing something for its team to connect to. 

In fact, corporate giving and charity improve employee engagement. This giving creates new opportunities for employees to get involved in and strong traditions to engage in, leading to a sense of pride and ownership in the workplace. Participation in such events is voluntary, meaning that those who participate want to be there; keeping up with these traditions can become an event that employees look forward to every year. Holiday giving, in particular, leads to more employee support for the business’ values. 

Charitable giving by businesses is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean the practice is perfect. Most companies do some sort of corporate giving, but just over half of them offer the opportunity for holiday giving and service. Some companies don’t make their employees aware of their giving, which takes away volunteer opportunities for those who would like to participate. Straying away from this disconnect and allowing employees to participate in charitable opportunities will not only make them feel more connected to their workplace but improve workplace culture and strengthen employee engagement.

Overall, companies that are charitable will generally have happier workers as a result. Research backs the notion that charitable giving increases productivity, betters relationships between employees and their supervisors, and improves corporate growth. Morale becomes stronger as well, generally leading to a happier workplace. 

If you plan to start or improve on corporate giving, communicate any programs to your employees, emphasize its importance, and provide the opportunity for employees to get involved as soon as you’re able. By doing so, you can ensure a happier, more engaged workplace than before.