Profits no longer are the only metric by which we measure a company’s success. More and more current and potential employees, customers and other stakeholders are giving increasing preference to companies that demonstrate a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The purpose of CRS is for organizations to proactively work to improve their communities while also maximizing profits. In addition to minimizing environmental impact an organization can enhance its community impact and reputation by encouraging the company and employees to volunteer and donate to charity. Doing so can bring a variety of benefits to your organization.

Increased employee satisfaction

Employees today want more than a paycheck and good benefits. They also want to feel like the work they are doing is making a difference. Even if your business doesn’t have a direct impact on the community, you can still fulfill your employees’ sense of purpose by encouraging and fostering volunteer opportunities. Consider partnering with a charity or non-profit organization and encourage employees to help out, or even offer paid volunteer days for employees. Volunteering increases employee happiness and community engagement.

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