Bored kids can test your patience and cause unnecessary and misplaced frustrations. The best way to prevent parental turmoil is to be proactive and stop boredom before it starts. Busy kids, after all, are happy kids! Don’t think engaging your grandchildren is something you do strictly for their well-being, there are plenty of things you can do together that are mutually beneficial.

Being a new grandparent, there are plenty of activities you can do to get yourself back to your full-time parent fitness level and shape. Grab that new bundle of joy and introduce them to the great outdoors by cruising the neighborhood or nearby park with your little one in the stroller. The benefits of something so easy and enjoyable as walking have been proven countless times. You don’t have to join the latest fitness craze to try to reach your goals. Instead, you can ease yourself into your new routines by taking the time to just get out and stretch your legs. You’ll also reap other benefits by being outdoors, such as breaking up the monotony of being home and lowering stress and anxiety levels. Breathe in the fresh air and let Mother Nature help you to refocus and feel a new lease on life.

Growing Up

As your grandbaby turns into a toddler, energy levels can be difficult to keep up with them, but they don’t need to have a singular-focused activity to keep them occupied. One of the great things about toddlers is that they share the enthusiasm they are met with. Make sure to use that to your advantage! The smallest activities can be the most rewarding and memorable when met with the infectious giggle of a child.

You don’t even have to leave your home to make memories that will last a lifetime. Consider setting up an area outdoors for you and your child to have fun together. Transform an unused and otherwise neglected patio into your own child-friendly getaway. With minimal investment, such as waterproof outdoor cushions (which are fantastic tools for building outdoor forts), you can have your own special retreat for a picnic in an unrivaled and kid resistant venue; the best part is never having to leave home or make reservations. 

Playing With Purpose

Engaging your grandchild with physical activities doesn’t just occupy them and help burn off some of that never-ending energy, it can also help with fine-tuning developmental milestones. A simple game of keeping a balloon from touching the ground is not only endless fun, but it helps to develop hand-eye coordination.

Another fun yet educational game is imitating animals and their behaviors. Have some fun and embrace your inner child by getting on the ground and slithering like a snake or hopping like a frog. While pretending to be different animals is fun and laughter evoking, it also aids in recognizing the behavior of certain animals as well as helping to develop your child’s motor skills.

Engage your grandchild’s imagination with a game of “keep away from the monster.” You will both benefit from the exciting chase and aerobic activity. In addition to all of the physical benefits, like improving speed and agility, these types of games are great ways to stretch the imagination, and even help your kids build solid problem-solving skills.

Getting outside to engage your grandchild has many other added benefits. Obviously, being active will help improve overall health, but there are other life skills that will develop as a result. Playing outdoors with other children will allow your child to develop cognitive and social skills and learn the importance of taking turns, and it will improve their cooperation and communication skills. Life has endless lessons to learn, encourage your child to get out, interact and take life by the horns!