covid 19

Long gone the times when Times Square was hovering with people because one day, we woke up to the stopped world. Nope, there wasn’t any apocalypse, but the virus had taken over (the mighty coronavirus!) COVID-19 originated from China, and before we knew, it spread over the entire world. With its high transfer rate, it has led to lockdowns all around the glove.

With these lockdowns, the businesses have shut down, but to resume the operations, digital platforms are being implied. The virus has caused an impact on business relationships, production, and consumer shopping. But business cannot just sit idle, right? Well, with this tight situation, businesses are considering if they should really opt for digital transformation or just close the business doors.

Be it entertainment or cleaning, education, or health; all startups industries are pushed to practice social distancing and isolation. In major countries, e-government apps are implied with which internet consumption is growing. For instance, Türk Telekom has experienced a 50% increase in internet consumption, which leads the way for digital transformation.

The consumers are shopping from home, posing high pressure on online shopping and businesses to develop smooth consumer and user experience. In the article below, we are sharing how COVID-19 is enhancing digital transformation in multiple industries. Have a look!

Home Delivery Services

The orders for disinfection products have topped the charts. Before the pandemic, people would look for colognes or antibacterial wipes, but today, they are readily looking for workspace disinfection products. In the last week, the demand for disinfection products has increased by 116%, according to’s report. However, with lockdown, the delivery rate has increased, and to be honest, startups are showing the true colors (positive ones!) by offering efficient services.

Enhanced Video Conferencing & Demand For Headsets

Be it medium scales or large scales, every company related to finance, banking, retail, and even universities are trying to cope with this crisis and trying to build solutions. For instance, the development of video conferencing systems is scaling up for online classes and work from home. The majority of people are using Zoom, but with its recent security drawbacks, one needs a secure option.

With social distancing and lockdowns, the majority of populations are locked inside, but with technologies that help them work remotely have enhanced their productivity. These steps are warranting business continuity with the implication of centralized communications and video collaborations.

Printing Dynamics

It’s hidden from nonentity that Italy has been impacted the most with this pandemic with the ever-increasing death toll. This disruption has negatively affected the supply chain, which has created a shortage of spare parts and respiratory equipment. However, the utilization of 3D printers is helping overcome the situation to some extent.

For instance, the 3D printer helped in retaining the respiratory device maintenance when the hospital needed the valve for the reanimation device. This printer saved almost ten human lives. This notion has strengthened the thought that reanimation machines are integral for saving lives, and operational ones will reduce the death toll by increasing the recovery rate.

Respiratory Devices

When Italy reduced the death toll with 3D printers, medical experts and engineering companies are designing the respiratory equipment production. In the severe coronavirus condition, respiratory equipment becomes essential. In Turkey, Bilkent Cyberpark has managed to produce its first domestic mechanical ventilator.

These ventilators have the ability to provide gas flow for breathing, and ASELSAN is actively working on the production. This company started back in 2012, but amidst coronavirus pandemic, it’s proving itself by managing the demand and by saving the lives of patients fighting for life in intensive care units. Also, these ventilators are the hope of light for patients that are admitted with acute respiratory failure who need quick breathing alternate.

The Fitness Industry

People might be at home, but the notion of staying fit isn’t leaving anyone alone. This is where Planet Fitness jumped into the ground by offering free exercising classes on Facebook Live. The thousands of people joined the life that has helped them redefine marketing while improving post interactions as Facebook Live is the organic content. On the other hand, multiple companies have joined IGTV, Facebook Live, and TikTok for connecting people by providing free tips and tutorials enhancing the digital transformation.