Thanks to the constant onslaught of information through media channels and social networks, we spend more time in the digital world than we do in the present moment. 

There are several reasons why avoiding the present moment can be harmful in the short term and long run. 

One reason is that when we aren’t willing to be present, we end up procrastinating. Another issue is that we become stressed because we get caught up in online stories that aren’t relevant to us. 

When you can learn to be present, you’ll keep your mind from focusing on things that aren’t happening in the present moment. You’ll be more alive to the sounds and sights around you at this very time. And you’ll tune in to your body and feeling states better. 

We understand why being more present is important but doing it practically is challenging. I encourage you to take up art in any form as a way to live in the here and now. Let’s look at how art can give you the gift of feeling more alive now. 

How the act of creating art makes you more present 

Everyone has creative potential within themselves. And this can be expressed in different ways. You can paint, draw, whittle, dance, create collages, and sculpt. Even coding, building websites, and content writing are ways to express yourself creatively. 

So, regardless of the method in which you build art, you will benefit from creating something new by becoming more present. Let’s look at ways that doing art will make you feel better and enjoy life as it’s happening right now.

Doing art compels you to use more of your senses

Leonardo da Vinci was quoted as saying:

Painting embraces all the ten functions of the eye; that is to say, darkness, light, body and color, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion, and rest.

When you create art, you use your motor skills and your mental skills including imagination. You experiment and explore new ideas and use materials around you in different ways. The parts of the brain that govern visualization, movement, auditory perception, and more get involved. Because of this, you can’t help but feel more present and aware of what you’re doing.

You pay attention to details

If you ever tried to paint from real-life examples, you know that the simple act of drawing lines and choosing the right colors forces you to pay attention to tiny details in flowers, faces, or whatever your subject is. 

When writing a story, building a blog post, or even writing email content, you refer to your memory and look for inspiration from people and places around you to feed your writing. 

Practicing any kind of art is a powerful exercise because you learn to see things as they are rather than simply referring to objects by the labels given to them. Painting, writing, or designing compels you to focus on small things and by extension, makes you feel present. 

Art reduces stress

We often feel stressed and anxious because we’re coping with negative thoughts. We project worst-case scenarios for the future or look back to past events and relive them over and over again. 

Once we experience stress, it becomes harder to come back to a relaxed state. Doing art gives you a means through which you can shift your focus and reduce stress. 

The less stressed you are, the more you can appreciate life and look for opportunities to grow. In this way, you’ll be tuned in to your environment and to the people around you and get more from your everyday experiences. 


When you learn to live in the present moment, you not only feel happier but you are also more likely to take positive action that benefits your future. You’ll stop procrastinating and will connect with people around you because you’re living in the moment. We’ve looked at several ways practicing art will make you more mindful and help you withdraw from stories of the past and future in your mind. Try the suggestions here and boost your creativity by doing art projects. You’ll automatically start being more present and experience positive effects in your life.