In the words of American Jurist, Oliver Wendell Holmes

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions”

Learning or researching is often not as easy as ABC but when you are pushed to the limit that’s when you take your first step towards personal growth and self-improvement. It is as exciting as watching the paint dry or grass grow when you see the outcomes of your efforts.

Challenging yourself with learning something new is a form of mental exercise that stimulates brain activity.

Reasons why should you start researching things out.

There are so many reasons you should start digging your head in, but here are the few important ones.

  • It improves your knowledge.
  • It makes you engaged in something productive.
  • It boosts confidence.
  • To feel good.
  • To improve your learning capability.
  • To avoid negative thinking and to have a positive attitude.

What happens when you take your first step towards learning or researching something new?

When you research, learn a skill or a concept, your brain rewires. New neurons are born and connections are formed between them which makes one proficient at numerous tasks.

Why do we need to research, explore and learn more?

This world is full of wonders waiting for us to explore and learn.

What is research?

Research is investigating something systematically to reach the conclusion.

As Zora Neale Hurston says

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose”

Not sure how to start?

It’s totally okay and understandable to find starting something new overwhelming. Try choosing a sample method for research if you are new into this. First list of things you have been dying to know. You can research any topic that interests you from the Blackhole and Neutron Stars to Marine pollution.

Why is it hard to stop when you start researching and exploring new things?

Your brain releases dopamine when you research something exciting and makes you want to repeat the experience. When the research topic at hand seems daunting, it makes you want to dive in and push your boundaries to see the picture in a broader spectrum.

Research keeps you mentally active and engaged!

Researching a new thing provokes brain activity keeping you mentally active. When you occupy yourself with researching something new your brain becomes adaptable to change. Research expands your horizon and changes your perspective on life. People who continue to learn report better mental and spiritual well-being.

You need to be mentally healthy and active to be successful.

Poor mental health depression and anxiety affect your concentration, energy level, optimism, hindering performance and mental ability. Good mental health promotes productivity in your normal routine activities.

Impact of researching, learning and trying out new things on mental health:

Exploring, Researching and learning new things have a direct impact on your mental health and life.

  • Researching, exploring and learning a new thing helps in boosting confidence and self-worth.
  • It makes you optimistic and gives you a stronger purpose.
  • It makes you open to new things like taking a new responsibility at work, adopting a challenging hobby or signing up for a new course.
  • It makes you feel more “connected” to the world and fellow beings. You will feel less alone as you will start considering yourself as a part of this world.
  • It develops the ability to feel, express (both positive and negative emotions)and maintain your relationships more genuinely which in turn makes you feel lighter.
  • It is super healthy for students and teens. As deep researching, learning and exploring something beyond their syllabus makes them more concentrated and intelligent.