When we live in a world where a certain body image standard has been set by the media, many individuals start feeling negative about the way they look.

I was one of those people, unhappy about the way I looked. I did not wish to go out much and meeting people made me self-conscious about my body. I have been wearing baggy clothes my entire life to just hide my body which I felt looked ugly. This not only reduced my self-confidence but led me towards depression and a compulsive eating disorder. I had lowered my standards so much that if any random man was interested in me; I thought it was a great deal as I was unlikable. I had sunk down to such a self-destructive phase that I would get involved with anyone interested in me. After facing severe depression and getting many testing done, I realized that I need help which is when I started working on improving my body image issues. 

Following are the tips I used to evolve from such lows in my life and if you face similar issues, it will definitely help you as well;

1. Do Not Compare Yourself with Others:

Stop looking at others and idolizing them as every person is unique and beautiful in their own way.  Others may have a few features better that should not matter to you. Comparing yourself with others is something that you should always avoid, to boost your confidence.

2. Stop Getting Influenced by the Media:

You will always find media portraying men and women who have a perfect figure and abs. Well, most of the images are edited hence do not get influenced by those models as even they are not perfect.

3. Dress As if You Look the Way You Want to:

Do not wait to look perfect to dress well. You should start dressing the way you always wanted to as it will not just brighten your mood but also help you move out of depression. Suppressing your desires is not good for your self-confidence, hence live your life the way you want to today.

4. Improving my Eating Habits:

Researches have concluded that mental health is also dependent on your diet hence eating the right nutrition will help you improve your mental health. Certain high protein and low carbohydrate diets are known to improve your immune system.

5. Create a Beautiful Environment Around Yourself:

Sometimes, being surrounded by beautiful things will improve your mood and give you a greater sensual experience. Hence always stay in a well-lit, clutter-free space with flowers on your desk. Play your favorite music and drink and eat out of good crockery. This will uplift your mood and make you feel good about yourself.

6. Stop Talking Negative About Yourself: 

Do not self-criticize, it will only worsen things as you are the one who will keep hearing it. Thinking positive will send positive affirmation which will send a positive message to your brain improving your confidence.

The Bottom Line:

As per statistics, 90% of women are unhappy about the way they look and 80% of the men wish to change the way they look. If you are one such person, then you are not alone. It is not late to take help and work on your fears and once you are through, you will enjoy a much confident and blissful life, just like mine.