Everyone is talking about medical digitization and it does not stop at medicine either. The pharmaceutical industry, medical device manufacturers, private and public insurance companies and health service providers are increasingly launching health and medical offerings on the market that are based on innovative technologies. Young companies and start-ups enrich the health technology sector with fresh ideas and are an important engine for innovation in the USA. Here are some of the most effective ways through which digital innovation helps connect patients and healthcare providers.

Classification of medical resources and Internet services

Medical services on the Internet can be divided into several main areas.

Medical consultation

The bottom line is that a certain number of doctors of different specializations are registered on the pages of the Internet resource. Registration means that the organizers of the site check the documents on the professional suitability of a particular specialist and only after that enter that provider in the appropriate list. A site visitor can view a list of specialists, get acquainted with a description of their professional activities (type of service, degree, practice in various medical institutions, etc.) and, depending on the trust of a particular doctor, ask him questions via e-mail.

Medical electronic stores

This service is practically no different from any other electronic store, except for the specifics of the product. Electronic pharmacies are also widespread. Often, on such a site, the buyer has the opportunity to find the nearest pharmacy from his home, get information about medicines or order home delivery with a courier.

Call a doctor at home

Typically, the client leaves information about the disease on the appropriate server or indicates which specialist he needs.

Reference resources

This kind of resource helps visitors to get information about various medical and preventive institutions (polyclinics, hospitals, etc.), information about various kinds of medical and social services (care, rehabilitation, prosthetics, etc.), data on the respective companies, etc.

Professional resources

Such resources cover issues of medical education and distance medical education programs. They contain databases of scientific papers and dissertations, literature reviews for researchers, medical directories, etc.

Popular science online medical journals

Such platforms collect articles, tips, ratings of medical centers and individual areas. It could include advertisements for medical services, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and various interactive discussions.

Socially oriented resources

This class includes resources on social and preventive advertising on the Internet, for example, on HIV prevention, etc. This group also includes Internet schools (clubs, circles, etc.) for maintaining health, addressed primarily to people with chronic diseases, such as bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, etc.

A Case Study

Together with the healthcare providers, the health portal Adviise Inc. presents an innovative platform for medicine that connects patients with providers.

In this health window, large companies like Adviise support medical offices and healthcare providers by connecting them directly to the patients. At the same time, the innovative platform is helping patients easily and effectively find the providers they need at their fingertips.

Adviise Inc. is a Dallas based online platform with a location-based functionality that helps patients connect with the right providers quickly and effectively. The company is HIPAA-compliant and helps patients find the most suitable provider after looking into reviews, specialties, locations, provider’s history, and other parameters. The platform with offices in San Antonio and New York City is capable of allowing patients to host online sessions as telemedicine, book appointments, call a doctor at home, pay for their medical services, and keep all the information of both the parties highly secured.

Adviise Inc. is a joint initiative of Alexi Alizadeh who founded the company in 2019. The aim is to promote the growth of providers from the medical sector and to network them with the patients in the domestic healthcare system. The providers have already won their first customers with potentially disruptive and innovative products and business models that Adviise Inc. offers.

Online consultation of doctors is the fastest growing section of the portal, where visitors have the opportunity to receive expert advice.

The portal also has several services that are necessary and interesting for visitors, for example, search for providers based on location. The search can be carried out by administrative district, and contextual search by drug names is also possible. Here you can call a doctor to your home, having previously described the reason for the call and indicating which doctor you need.

This resource is also devoted to online medical consultations. Online counseling is quite a challenge. It is obvious that the Internet audience has a huge number of questions and their range is extremely wide. Therefore, to answer these questions, you need to attract many specialists.


This list can go on (for example, to allocate business resources for medicine in a separate class), but we will stop here and draw your attention to the fact that so many sites in pursuit of a mass visitor try to create an all-in-one site. Typically, such sites focus on the most pressing issues for a wide range of people who are interested in their health, and at the same time, try to grasp the immensity. Amidst all this, they provide information to a particular extent for more highly specialized consumer groups.


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