How Discovering Spirituality Can Help Fight Depression & Anxiety

In recent times, researchers globally in various disciplines have appreciated the positive contribution that spirituality can make to mental health. Indeed, spiritual activities can contribute to the mental well being of an individual. Depression and anxiety have been the most common mental health problems for many decades. According to research, belief in a transcendent being proved to show reduced depressive symptoms. 

Jamie Clarke is one of the people who are experienced and specialized in mental health. She uses her experience with her mental health journey and years of therapy for her healing to empower others. Jamie learned how to meditate from suffering a first panic attack to suffering clinical depression to being emotionally and mentally abused. She learned how to manifest different things in her life and the benefits of co-creating her reality through thoughts. Here are some of the secrets that Jamie shares on how you can fight depression and anxiety. 

Spiritual Meditation

What is spiritual meditation? Spiritual meditation refers to an experience that takes someone to the depths of who they are. This experience often happens with the mindful practice of connecting to something vaster, more significant, and more profound than the individual self. In the process, one may feel light warms of your being. 

But did you know that spiritual meditation brings healing? When Jamie was at the peak of her depression, she learned how to meditate. Crystals, tarot cards, astrology, and books also became her obsession. Sooner than later, Jamie was experiencing a spiritual awakening triggered by her twin flame journey. 

Have A Spiritual Adviser

Did you know that having a spiritual advisor or mentor can help you reduce depression and anxiety? Depressed individuals often feel not only unfortunate but also oppressive. They think that life is meaningless and that God is disapproving. In that state, it would help if you found someone to guide you. And specifically a spiritual advisor. 

When Jamie found a spiritual advisor, she found herself healing and discovering her purpose in life. Her spiritual advisor navigates ways to cope with her mental health in the best way for her. Therefore, a spiritual advisor will help you achieve less depression and anxiety levels and greater psychological well-being, more positive feelings, and a superior ability to handle stress. 


Jamie believes the tarot industry is sacred in its own right because of its unique ability to help clients create the best for themselves. When Jamie started learning more about tarot and how to use it in her everyday practice, she found healing. Tarot helped her find her true purpose and find her spiritual awakening.

Yes, tarot can help you fight depression and anxiety. 


Are you looking to fight stress and depression? Soul Paradigm is looking to meet your demand. Many people are now inquiring about spiritual practices outside of religion, and this iconic black woman is out to help. Spirituality can save and heal your life and make you an established testimony to be read globally by everyone. In conclusion, it is worth understanding that depression is focussing on your troubles and what is not right in your life. You can change your story and focus on what matters most- spirituality!