The Soul is the real Self, and the nature of the Soul is the infinite joy which is the origin of all progress. 

To experience this joy, it is imperative to experience the Soul

The Soul cannot be seen with physical eyes nor can it be completely described in words – such are the properties of this eternal element. How do we know or understand the Soul then?

If we happen to meet a Living Gnani, who is an Enlightened Soul himself and also has the divine powers to help enlighten others’ Soul, then with his grace, our work can be done!

Why do we require the Enlightened one? 

A Gnani Purush is an enlightened being. He has seen and known the Soul. 

In every moment of life, He has the awareness of, ‘I am a Pure Soul’ and even when he sees or interacts with any living being, he has the awareness that ‘They too are a Pure Soul, just like me!’

Salvation of the world is the mission of His life 

Gnani Purush helps those who are desperate to come out of the vicious cycle of worldly misery life after life, gain the real knowledge of the Self. With his grace, the seekers attain Self-realisation and get onto the path of liberation. 

How does Gnani Purush bestow the gift of Self-realisation?

  • During a Self-realization ceremony, He places a line of demarcation between illusory knowledge of the self (I am Sarah/John) and the Knowledge of the real Self i.e. the Soul (I am a Pure Soul).
  • Thereafter, he gives the seekers the knowledge of five principles to be followed in life. Following these principles, the mistaken belief of ‘I am the owner of the name, body and ego’, that prevailed in us all the time, now slowly and steadily begins to dissolve.
  • We now, through the right understanding, gradually learn to dwell in the awareness of our real Self i.e. the pure Soul. As the awareness of the Soul enhances, the experience of the Soul also increases. This is how by following the Gnan (the knowledge) given by Gnani, who has experienced the Soul, leads us to the experience of the nature of the Soul.

“One who knows the Soul knows everything in this world!” 

After knowing the Soul, one’s state would be quite unique indeed. No amount of difficulties will ever bother him again. 

“The Samadhi (state of inner bliss) that prevails amidst mental, physical and external afflictions is the Samadhi (state of inner bliss) of the Soul.”

How do we know if we have acquired the pure Soul? 

The pure Soul can be known through its attributes or properties which signify its intrinsic nature. 

For example, when can we call gold as gold? Only when it has the attributes of gold, when it exhibits the properties that are intrinsic to gold, isn’t it? Brass can look and shine just like gold if it is polished enough. However, if a goldsmith tests it, he would be able to tell that this is not gold based on the intrinsic properties of that metal. Similarly, one can know the Soul from its properties or qualities.

A few defining qualities of the Soul!

The natural characteristics of the Soul are in abundance. However, infinite Knowledge, infinite Vision, infinite Energy, and infinite Bliss are the main attributes. There are many other properties too.

The Soul is the life force energy. It is an eternal element. The Soul is immortal and invisible. It is immiscible. It is subtle. 

It has infinite joy, eternal bliss! It can never hurt anyone, nor can it ever be hurt by anyone. It is made up of knowledge, infinite knowledge. Whatever we, or any living being, can see and know is only because of the presence of the Soul within. Because we can see and know, we experience joy! This joy is the origin of all progress, and the joy remains intact even after the progress is complete i.e. one attains the state of Absolute Knowledge, when there is not a single covering present on the Soul. 

“Happiness that comes and never leaves is called the bliss of the Soul.”

To conclude: For one to experience the natural state of the Soul, one needs to acquire Self-Realization from One who is Self-Realized, one who has experienced the Soul and dwells in that Soul. Human life is considered to be a most precious gift because it is only in this form that one can acquire Self-realisation. 

So, go to Gnani, attain Self-Realization and experience the joy, which is the origin of all progress, and which is the very nature of the Soul.